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  • Vanessa - get what you pay for

    The irulu tablet really isn't all that bad. Yes it has a low battery life but you get what you pay for so don't be surprised.


    This is a terrible product, the only thing that works is the cloning feature. The cloud does not work on this, through numerous calls and emails, horrible tech service and language barriers/misunderstandings, hours and hours of wasted time. I was stupid enough to buy another copy for my home computer, and it cannot perform a backup from my 1Tb drive to a 2Tb drive, keeps coming up with errors. The "help" forum, is a full of arrogant unhelpful knowitalls that know nothing and are just jerks. I will be uninstalling this and Malwarebytes, which also used to be good, but they own them too.

  • Athena - A good product to keep on hand

    I never had an obvious fungus problem-—thickening,yellowing, etc-—on any of my toenails but the nail on a great toe seemed to be lifting up from the inner edge that abuts the 2nd toe, downwards and across at the same time, so I thought I'd give this a try. I used it nightly for two+ months and then concluded that the lifting was more trimming-related (a bit slanted rather than straight across the top edge) which exerted pressure on the nail from inside my shoes while on my feet than fungus-related.

  • Patrick Cooley - Go with omni

    I drank 2 stinger drinks the purple one and the jump start pills stayed clean for 51 hours still failed

  • C. F. Harrington - Not the best

    After taking a course and completing two full texts on the subject, I can report officially that this was the least helpful book in my GRE preparation. While you can review some of your math skills, beating the GRE is really about learning a very specific skill set, in the verbal sections and the math, for doing the problems in frankly counter-intuitive ways. This book barely touches on this skills, and doesn't make explicit how necessary they are for getting a good score.

  • Carole Mahoney - this is same as the original 33 1/3 set.

    this is the third set c.d. of Jesus Christ Super Star i have. This is the real deal as long as you see the original cover you are in business. Get it. you will love it.

  • Judy - Not what I expected

    It's more than what I needed. It would probably appeal to someone that needed all the functions of this product.