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  • ashley szyper - It is a great book to review from

    I am a college student. I am a Biology Major and I got this book to get an idea if I wanted to go for BSN. I now feel that BSN is not for me but my friend is going for it before she goes for PA and she said that when she takes the test she will absolutely review from this book. It is a great book to review from, and the questions that are in the back really make you think about them. Its a well put together book. I highly recommend it!

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    These are just what I wanted. They are just as good if not better than the ones I got from the bank. One reviewer mentioned the pages are thin with tight spacing and that ink from certain pens can bleed. This is true, but I wonder if their bank supplied higher quality registers than mine did because the ones from my bank also had thin pages with the ink showing through sometimes. These ones I got from Amazon do have about 20% less spacing but it is fine for me. They are longer but still fit easily into my checkbook cover. Print is grayish and calendar years are as described, 2014, 15, & 16.