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  • DarkMan - 2nd issue is the memory I got for the board RMA the memory an the replacement is also bad or it is the mainboard not working wit

    have had nothing but major issues with the mainboard. had to RMA the very first one to Asus the second one is stable. 2nd issue is the memory I got for the board RMA the memory an the replacement is also bad or it is the mainboard not working with the memory installed 2 video cards in SLI an the pc wont stay stable so had to remove the 2nd video card all in all I would avoid the mainboard

  • Reeves - Money well spent.

    I just got it a couple of days ago. So far so good. I had ordered it for my 2012 Chevy Equinox. Installation was a breeze. The only thing I worry about is that when screwed all the way on, it doesn't quite sit flush with the base like the factory antenna did. I worry about moisture from rain or snow getting in there and rusting/corroding. Other than that, the satellite and regular radio reception has been just fine. So far, money well spent.

  • dassy - awful costumer service

    I have the vista double. I loved it as a single but the double was very bulky and hard to maneuver also it is super hard to fold so I always left it open which was fine for me since I have other strollers for car or travel. I would of given it more stars except the a week ago the bar at the bottom detached itself from the side frame which make the stroller a piece of garbage. I thought for such an expensive stroller I will get an excellent costumer service but I was dissapointed to discover that the warranty is only for 2 years and if I want a new frame (since it unreparable) I will have to pay the discounted price of $180 for the frame (not the basket and without the wheels, seat or anything else!). I will think twice before I pay so much for a stroller that the company can't stand behind its products.

  • Alexander Gilliam - WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES COMBINE WEARING THIS T-SHIRT AND USING ANY AXE BODY AND SHOWER PRODUCTS! My testosterone levels shot up to insanely unhealthy levels, to the point where I must have been flooding my general surroundings with pheromones. I barely made it home alive, and felt the desperate need to share my experience so that no other man will make a similar mistake. I can assure you Robert Pattison or Justin Bieber have never experienced anything like this! I had women jumping out of windows and moving vehicles and then racing (or limping and crawling) in my direction. It was beyond terrifying! Like a trailer from the movie World War Z, but with only women, hundreds, nay thousands of them, with outstretched arms and glazed over eyes, dry humping the very air while chasing me. I'm not sure if I'll ever sleep again, let alone sleep with a woman again! I immediately flushed my axe products down the toilet and burned my Three Wolf Moon T-shirt in the tub as soon as I got home. Yet they are still out there! I can hearing them moaning and mewling in their orgasmic madness, scouring the area in search of me. May God have mercy on me! Damn you Axe and The Mountain! Damn you to hell!

  • Rachel L. - Bought two in september, one is already having to be returned

    I had one plugged into a fan and it worked great. For all of a month. It would occasionally drop signal and I'd have to reconnect it, which was frustrating but liveable. Tech has hiccups right? Well last night it just completely quit. Wouldn't let me connect, wouldn't let me re-establish a signal, nothing. So I'm replacing it and hopefully this new one will work better (and hopefully my second one doesn't have this problem.