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  • Micah Hart, author of the Christmas Adventure 'Tinseland' - Now real guitars are video games!

    When Guitar Hero came out I wondered why there wasn't something similar for a 'real' guitar? Well, there is and this is it. If you are a player (new or with some experience), this is a fun game that will teach you how to accurately play various songs. Once you master the song, you are ready to play it live with your band. Note that it is not a true guitar teacher in that you can learn the songs by repetition of the patterns (like guitar hero), but not a true learning curriculum. That said, it does improve your speed and 'knowing the neck' positions. And if you like the songs offered, all the better. So keep with 'traditional' learning, and enjoy this as a fun supplement that will give you hours of play time in both learning songs and the additional jam session area where you can improvise with lots of various backing bands styles. Recommended.

  • LEONARDOVERSE - Life Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

    It used to take me just as long to weed whack as it did to mow. Not anymore! Not only is it light and easy to use but the charge lasts as long as I need to for completing a 1/2 acre yard. The string that comes with it lasted the whole time as well. There is no more stopping and starting with this baby. Love it!

  • Dominique - Great if you're a robot

    It was ok I just don't like that I have to take it 30 minutes before I eat.... I'm not on a schedule and I don't have time to put myself on one

  • Todd A. Hooper - Great feeling socks, but buy one size smaller than normal

    I bought a pair of these in black. I followed the advice of another reviewer and went a size smaller than I usually go with and they fit perfectly.

  • Steves Locksmith Service - Would not program to car!

    Would not program to car, locksmith used programming tool spent 45 minutes trying, but would not work. It looked new? But was it? Expensive try. Said DIY Programming but was not.

  • Garth Erickson - Nice and short

    Nice antenna. The look is a vast improvement over the silly factory whip antenna. I haven't noticed any issues with signal degradation, I do solely listen to Sirius is I'm not sure how that plays with it. No complaints, would recommend and amazon has the best price.

  • Amazon Customer - A great guide to holistic health

    A good read to bring new awareness to old issues. Will use this book as a guideline to healthier living.