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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Parkadd - Sometimes it's the driver that's bad...not the car.

    I disagree with some of the reviews below. I've used ACT! for almost 7 years now and the software is well worth the price.

  • K. Roberts - Great Resource

    This was a great resource in planning the details of my trip in October. There is a lot of helpful information on where to order tickets for tourist attractions including website to pre-order. Also included was the location of restrooms at popular tourist attractions, which in Europe can be hard to find.

  • Sylvester - Nothing like having a screwdriver on you at all times

    Very handy knife. It is a pocket knife first and then has a flat head and phillips screwdriver which was exactly what I needed. I use this for work and carry it every day for the knife but I use both screwdrivers frequently as well. Nothing like having a screwdriver on you at all times. And of course a knife is useful in countless ways.

  • John Berry - The Will To Survive!

    I can't believe I had heard or read nothing about this event in history until I was actually doing a little research on the Resolute Desk in the White House which was made from the remains of the ship Resolute. I inadvertently stumbled upon Shackleton's Incredible story as it seemed to interest me more that the story about the Resolute although both were stuck in an ice flow. What an incredible mistake and happy outcome for me. I literally could not put this book down and when I wasn't reading it, i was thinking about it. In the last few days the national news has been reporting on a story about stranded scientists in the Antarctic. They have been stuck in an ice flow for sometime now while waiting on two other ice breaker ships to rescue them. Those on this ship have been sending YouTube videos and pictures etc while waiting on their rescue. Again, I am reminded about Shackleton and his crew in the exact same situation with the major difference being no way to communicate or even send a distress signal. This author did a fantastic job of describing in a very entertaining manner the ordeal. I am so impressed with the leadership and the crew of The Endurance that I am sure it will stick with me as one of my top five all time favorite books. The most fascinating thoughts regarding the current situation compared to Shackleton's is that the modern day crew have about two weeks of supplies with them while Shackleton's crew had to survive for nearly two years. He has to be one of the most incredible leaders of all time for having the ability to not lose one crew member and keep all of them believing in their own survival. It seemed to me to have been an impossible task.

  • jennifer Radovich - Only three stars

    Two problems with the lights. The first is that the polarity on the connectors was reversed. I had to cut and reverse the wires for the LEDS to work. Remember LEDS only work if the polarity is correct in a DC system. Second problem is flicker. It is noticeable, bordering on distracting. Because the install took about 2 hours on my 2016 JK, I don't really want to replace them with the OEM. Yes, 2 hours. On the JK I had to remove the grill guard and bumper fascia to replace the lights. They are bright with a nice horizontal pattern perfect for the fog we get here on the coast. Hope this helps JK installers

  • Girlease Bra Liner - Three years in a row

    This is a wonderful product. My husband and I do it every January, and I recommend it to all the clients that I counsel on nutrition. My husband and I are both 60, take ZERO prescriptions, and no one can believe we have four grand children. Compared to: husband taking two prescriptions, and me being four sizes larger, when we started two years ago.