Blue Frontier Campaign - Solution-oriented citizen engagement needed to protect our ocean. - Blue Frontier is a national leader in providing resources and opportunities to bring citizens who care about the health of our coasts and ocean into the decision making process.

  • Staff - Blue Frontier Campaign - At the heart of our remarkable blue community are the people that help drive it forward. Our faculty members are multi-talented individuals & activists who have a genuine love for the ocean and intimate connection with the issues that face it's healthy and with that the health of the planet.
  • Blue Vision Summit - Blue Frontier Campaign - Blue Vision Summit is a biennial ocean conference bringing conservationists, activists, policymakers, scientists together with a unified voice.
  • Blue Movement Directory - Blue Frontier Campaign - The Blue Movement Directory lists and links to over 1,400 ocean groups. Brought to you exclusively by the Blue Frontier Campaign.
  • Sea Party Coalition - Blue Frontier Campaign - The Sea Party Coalition aims to stop proposed offshore oil drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans and replace it with clean energy and sensible ocean planning.
  • Writers for the Sea - Blue Frontier Campaign - Writers for the Sea is a professional organization for authors writing about the sea and committed to increased understanding and conservation of the greater part of our blue planet.
  • Ocean Explorers - Blue Frontier Campaign - Blue Frontier Campaign’s Ocean Explorers Margo Pellegrino and Roz Savage paddle and row to raise awareness on the threats to our ocean and solutions to protect it.
  • Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate - Blue Frontier Campaign - Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate is a Blue Frontier project that defeated plans for a mega-casino on a natural 422-acre headlands in Richmond California and now works on public access, restoration and educational field trips for local youths.
  • 50 Ways to Save The Ocean - Blue Frontier Campaign - Blue Frontier’s award winning book 50 Ways to Save the Ocean shows that you can help save our seas. Includes a free downloadable teacher's guide.
  • National Ocean Policy - Blue Frontier Campaign - Right now our public seas and waters are administered by more than 20 federal agencies, along with a welter of state, local and tribal authorities under 140 separate laws with little or no regard for the cumulative impacts of competing and often overlapping uses of our coasts and ocean. The result: citizen stakeholders are drowning in red tape even as our marine ecosystems continue to degrade.
  • The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards - Blue Frontier Campaign - Named after famed Jaws author Peter Benchley, the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards recognizes excellence in ocean conservation, science, policy and education.
  • Donate and support the Blue Frontier Campaign - Blue Frontier Campaign is a national leader in providing resources and opportunities to bring citizens who care about the health of our coasts and ocean into the decision making process.

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