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  • FooBoo - Liked it at first (my kitty didn't

    Liked it at first (my kitty didn't, though, I think he doesn't like things squirted in his mouth, but that was the only way to ensure he got the proper dosage). Seemed to work in the beginning, then hit a plateau, and now I have to give him a prescription med (pill) that seems to be helping, but would have preferred to stick with this method. Oh well, never hurts to try.

  • Anonymous - Clever marketing. Nothing magic about this product.

    1-star because there's nothing special about it and there are too many either 1) fake positive reviews or 2) heavily biased "I followed the carrot here" reviews.

  • Caroline Altmann - Loved the detailed

    Loved the detailed, thorough info and alternative perspective of this book. I consider it a must read for anyone who wishes to understand step by step (based on 1999 information) what is happening in your body to cause acid reflux. It was especially useful in discussing the consequences of using conventional medicine--a near relative has used conventional medicine and that person has the kidney, anemia, respiratory issues that Dr. Wright discusses. But some of the information is out of date and wish Jonathan Wright would write an update. His criticism of conventional medicine is spot on but the delivery of the criticism was too heavy handed for my taste--others may find that quite entertaining.

  • Alfredo G. - All in all, a must have!

    If you are a fan of previous titles then you will definitely love this one. You will find a lot of complexity though and may feel overwhelming when compared to enemy within. It has more story content and explain better what is going on. All in all, a must have!

  • Amazon Customer - BUY GREENS ON THE GO! IT DOES WORK!!

    Look, it tastes bad but you get used to it, and the benefit I get from it is nothing short of amazing! The only downside is the cost being a bit high. I've been without now for a few weeks due to saving every penny to buy a house and I can feel the difference of not having it, luckily my sis-in-law sells the stuff so I can go get my fix from her a bit discounted..

  • Jammy Flowers - Otherwise thought it's been working out just fine! It's relatively quiet

    After using computerized machines exclusively for the past 8 years, switching to this mechanical model has taken some getting used to. I got the 4411, and I honestly regret not getting the next model up. For only 10-ish extra dollars you can have extra stitches and an auto needle threader. Otherwise thought it's been working out just fine! It's relatively quiet, and controlling the speed with the food pedal is pretty easy (but not as easy as a computerized machine obviously). I'm just hoping it's durability makes up for the sacrifice in features.

  • Cassie - THE BEST THERE IS

    I love this product, it has not even been a month and my son's hair is growing all around his little head, the long hair that he do have has gotten even longer, and its very noticeable.