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  • Shayne - Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums

    Don't expect anything like her any of her last albums. Joanne is definitely different for the most part, but it's also really good. Gaga put her heart into this and you can really tell. (Not that she didn't in her previous albums.) This one is definitely less pop/electronic, but if you love Gaga's voice and creativity and are a fan for life, you'll still love this one. Diamond Heart is my personal favorite on here, I think it's genius and absolutely love the beat and drums. I also loved Perfect Illusion when it came out. Grigio Girls is a really charming and good song too; I like it a lot. There are definitely quite a few slow songs on this album but they have such character and meaning. And I always end up liking most things from Lady Gaga. :)


    Firstly, I didn't buy this shampoo off of amazon. That being said please don't buy it from anywhere. I didn't buy it with the hopes that it would make my hair grow faster, I bought it because it was the only sulfate free shampoo I could find at my local grocery store and it smelled nice. I've used it twice now and both times clumps of my hair fell out in the shower. Seriously, don't buy this product!

  • John Duclos - Seen this great looking antenna in the Cummins forum and put it ...

    Seen this great looking antenna in the Cummins forum and put it on my 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins 6.7l. The one star rating is basically because I totally lost my AM radio reception. I live in a major city and listen to talk radio during my morning and afternoon commutes. The company should focus on its reception quality because its beyond poor.

  • Harold - Acronis Backup Delivers

    The installation of the Acronis backup went well with no problems. It actually has more features than I needed. I mainly wanted something to completely back up my C: drive. Not just my files, but the whole operating system. Fortunately I have not had a disk crash, so I have not had to try it out yet, but it copied my entire drive including the Vista operating system onto an external drive through the USB port. It works well and is less expensive than other programs out there.

  • Trill - Idol lash scammed me

    I purchased Idol Lash after having eyelash extenstions removed. I wanted the thicker longer lashes that Idol Lash was claiming to deliver. I have used it as directed & have seen zero results. Only thing I did get was scammed by a company outta Virginia! They were charging my credit card for a membership fee that I had no part of! I did get my money refunded after threatening to report them 2 my credit card agency. I do not recomend this product. Beware of online buying