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  • Kelly Niblett - Best hair product ever

    Best hair product ever! I have thick, shoulder-length, colored hair that I blow dry and flat iron just about every day. This prevents my hair from being damaged. My hairdresser can't believe how healthy my hair is. The best smell awesome!! I use it everyday. If its too concentrated, add water. I have 2 bottles at all times. I dilute mine with water and still enjoy all the benefits!!

  • Vnyrdstar - Buy the CORDED one, they are both great products.

    Very Good product, however this battery operated style uses up the batteries way to fast. Good if you really need for travel or out on a deck or boat otherwise buy the corded electric one. Which is what I eventually did now I have 2, one of which I do not need.

  • Dakota winstead - I love this system

    I love this system. I started to see results in 3 days. It is not as harsh as I have read in other reviews. I experienced no burning or redness. The only down fall was the Step 3 product witch is a moisturizer and medicine, tend to make my skin oily and shine. My face is naturally very oily so if yours is I would use very little moisturizer, not much is needed. That is why I gave it 4 stars. But overall Iam very happy with this product.

  • M. Bowen - Good book.

    My son is currently studying for the ACT and says this book is good....and not as dry and boring as alot of the materials that are available.

  • CVFFCV 25-1 - Worst Product Ever!!

    I have an older desk top I want to keep (I have an updated laptop) and since XP and security essentials wasn't being supported I downloaded BitDefeneder as an anti-virus replacement. I was not having any issues with XP etc just wanted an updated anti-virus. It was the worst software purchase ever!! The download included several other software programs that installed automatically and were a pain to uninstall. Further, Bit Defender has slowed up everything. I am going to uninstall it and try AVG, its on my laptop and works great! Stay away from BitDefender. it gets good reviews on some sites, but I should have checked amazon first for more honest opinions (i.e. not paid or filtered). There are reasons this product is rated to one star! Its terrible!

  • Marti J. Miller - I had to try this to believe it & am so glad it did.

    Opening this package gave such a wonderful presentation & feeling of being pampered. The box was filled with 8 smaller boxes containing individual treatments & everything needed for some moments of gentle hair massage & a cap to use as you take your time to relax & let the product work its magic.