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  • Laura - My hair was unhealthy and falling out before using Bosley ...

    My hair was unhealthy and falling out before using Bosley. Now I have a healthy head of hair again.

  • joanne - Portable high chair

    Very safe and steady feeling, very compact to transport, I have one table with a vertical lip under the table top out at the edge and the arm won't screw down enough to go over that lip but on other tables it has been great. I recommend looking under your table to see how it's constructed before purchasing this.

  • M. Howell - Use at your own risk

    Be sure to back up all of your contacts and important emails in other programs, because if something happens to your product key then you'll have to pay again to access everything.

  • darkrosenberg - I've been doing it wrong all these years!

    I'm giving this book 5 stars ( if only I could coat those stars with unicorn tears and CareBear glitter) to express how wonderful this book is and how it changed my life. Do you want to know how this book changed my life? Well keep reading friend and prepare your mind because it is about to be blown. I've been doing wrong! With my microwave! Wrong. I've been using the "science oven" to for left-overs, to reheat coffee and occasionally melt butter. But I was wrong. Not only do microwaves COOK FOOD they cure suicidal depression and soul crushing loneliness. Marriage, children, friends, growing old and dying alone with no one to mourn your loss or even notice you've died, worry about those things no more and step into your new life with "Microwave for One". Yes sir I give it 5 stars.

  • midwest teacher - These shoes are very lightweight and I love the navy color

    These shoes are very lightweight and I love the navy color. I usually wear and 8.5 or 9. Since I plan to wear athletic socks I ordered the 9. They are still a tad bit small and my toes lightly touch the tip of the shoe. My feet are also on the narrow side of a medium width and the width of these shoes fits well. I do plan on keeping them but would not order them again.

  • Amazon Customer - Hard to install--had to call customer service--very rude customer service experience

    I like McAfee. I always find the "download from the Internet" versions hard to install. I miss a disc that I can load onto my computer.