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  • Emily C - Amazing, powerful stuff!

    For a long time I have heard that natural Shea Butter is one of the best gifts you can give to your skin. Although I have used many products with Shea butter as an ingredient, this is the first time I have tried Shea Butter all by itself. The butter is extremely dense and a little dry feeling... It's the raw product, not a creamy product where the Shea is mixed with other stuff to make it smooth. It does not have a strong fragrance, which I count as a good thing. When I take a little from the tub (it only takes a tiny bit!) u put it between my hands to let my body heat soften it a bit (sort of like you do with coconut oil, but not as greasy or melty). It softens up a bit, then, and can be worked directly into the skin. I have been doing this to treat my dry hands and nails. It takes a bit of rubbing, but the Shea goes nicely I to my skin, leaving it so soft and smooth. It can feel at first like there's a waxy coating of residue on my hands, but that means I used too much or didn't rub it in enough. The other thing I have done is take a little between my hands to soften it, themln add a drop of rose hip oil or lavender oil. This helps thin out the Shea mind makes it creamier and easier to spread. When I rub this into my skin, it has an amazing effect. My nails look amazing after running bing this stuff into them, too! I can't wait to experiment with this Shea Butter some more. The size of the tub, compared to the small amount needed each time means this will last me a while!

  • James H. - Good to go !!

    I am very pleased so far . The smart box just arrived earlier than exspected. After opening the box like a kid at christmas , i was impressed with how well built this battery box is. For the price it cant be beat ! I bought it for my Hand made 9' double pontoon boat. I will pair it with a 55 troll motor and the different led lights i have built into the boat. I will send out another reveiw with pictures when i feild test the whole thing. But so far, spot on amazon !!! I couldnt be happier !!

  • Amazon Customer - and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains

    I have been taking the 1300mg for a little over a month now. (Apparently the 1300mg is no longer available so I've just ordered the 1500mg.) I have mild (some days not so mild) diabetic neuropathy, and, as I approach late 50s, find that I have many more joint aches and pains. I am always skeptical/cautious about supplements and the touted benefits, but decided to give this a try based on a suggestion from a friend. About 2 weeks after I started taking this product I noticed a significant decrease in the neuropathy "pins & needles" in my feet and legs. Actually, I have not experience any "pins & needles" symptoms at all for the last couple weeks, and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains, they have been reduced considerably. Overall I just feel better, fewer aches/pains, more alert, more energy. Maybe it's all in my head ... or maybe it really works! Either way, I plan to keep taking this for a while as I am enjoying the benefits!

  • Coby Turner - Other Reviewers are delusional.

    I ordered this after reading all the reviews and thinking "Wow, i am in for an adventrure" Much to my disapointment, this is nothing but a chinese plastic doll thingy. Come on reviewers, we take your word on these and you have let me down...

  • MELISSA - Shih Tzu fur is very similar to human hair and while other dog shampoos leave their fur looking dull the Mane 'n Tail shampoo al

    I use this shampoo on my shih tzu furbabies and it always leaves their coats silky shiny and clean! Shih Tzu fur is very similar to human hair and while other dog shampoos leave their fur looking dull the Mane 'n Tail shampoo always gives them a bright clean look!!

  • Cindy - Calming!

    This Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil from Pure Body Natural has a very smooth and calming lavender fragrance. It's not only good to help you relax to sleep, but also research has revealed that lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness plus other things. This is 100% pure and also packaged in the USA! I put just a drop on my pillow at night and I've been sleeping great and waking refreshed and ready to begin my day! I would highly recommend this brand for anyone looking into buying lavender essential oil!