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  • Khalid Akash - Its a useful book

    The book is good, especially the Math portion, not so much the other parts. Unfortunately I think I would be better off with Gruber's math workbook rather than this.

  • clpetit56 - Raw, edgy, and unpredictable.

    A fast-paced, action filled, dark mafia story with a mix of danger violence, murders, sex slavery, angst, sizzling sex scenes, and a HEA. A real page turner from the very first page to the very last, you won't wantto put it down. If you like stories that are intense, raw, gritty, and dark, then you definitely need to read Bend.

  • Bree Ann - highly recommended

    Very good book for learning strategy on how to answer questions on nclex. Lots of review/practice nclex style questions. This book is more strategy than content.

  • Amazon Customer - Practice Really Does Make Perfect

    I very rarely write reviews, but I had to for the TYME Iron because I really think it's worth a shot if you have trouble curling your hair with a flat iron or regular curling iron and have the $$ to spend. I read a lot of reviews before deciding to buy (and only bought it knowing I would return it if it didn't work) and the reviews were so mixed that I had to add my own! I really could have went with 5 stars and only took 1 off because it's not completely perfect. No adjustable temp (for me not a huge deal because I usually need the hottest setting) and there is definitely a learning curve to using it.

  • Haley Moring - I use this planner daily! It keeps me organized ...

    I use this planner daily! It keeps me organized and sane in my mundane desk job. Everyone needs a little more color in their life.

  • Yvonne - A full year of using a useless product

    I have been using your products for years and everything was fine. I have a part Chihuahua/jack russle 11bls, and a German Shepardk58 lbs. This year the product Ultra Guard Plus is not working. The chemicals in the product must have changed. I applied this product in the Spring, Summer and now the Fall. They still have fleas. They scratch all night long. What can I do besides changing brands.

  • Miss - A wonderful tool for any shop

    The Kreg Jig system is awesome. It makes joining SO much easier. And it is so easy to use, you'll be a pro in no time at all. I have used regular wood screws instead of the Kreg Pocket Hole screws, but I think the Kreg screws are preferrable.