Baclofen alcoholisme en de verslavingszorg. ​ - Home - Baclofen alcoholisme is mijn persoonlijke verhaal. Over de drempels die opgelegd worden door de verslavingszorg. Om maar geen therapie met behulp van baclofen een kans te geven. Zelfs de randomized, double-blind studies worden van tafel geveegd.

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  • FloJo - It Doesn't Work If They Already Have Fleas

    It might work if your dog catches a flea here and there when they go outside but it doesn't work if they already have fleas and/or other animals in the house have fleas or fleas in your carpet/house. I have an 19y/o dog (Ricky) who's back legs gave out so he can't scratch himself anymore (still mobile). We also have 2 cats & another dog but they NEVER come in contact with Ricky. I bathe Ricky the most cause he can't scratch if he has fleas and even pick out the dead fleas off him. I've tried baby powder, dish soap, flea sprays & nothing seemed to work so I decided to buy the fc to see if MAYBE at least they will stay off of him and unfortunately it didn't. When I took off his fc to bathe him this last time he was just as infested as he was before I even got him the fc -and that's cause I bathe him very well before I put the fc on him -_- Today he is flea free now no thanks to this collar.

  • Dave Schranck - An excellent training aid

    Excel 2010: the missing manual is part of a growing series of reference manuals for popular software products. Mr MacDonald has also written Access 2010 among other books. A CD with training exercises is not available but a website is available to download the necessary essentials.

  • Allison Cangelosi` - This book was amazing. It was cool to see all of the twists and turns in her life

    I wanna recommend this book to anyone else who wants to know about the twists and turns in a girls life. I have this book a 5 star rating because I was interested in her friends and family members support her to get through many WARS!!!!!!!!-_-

  • Russ D - Well it looks Nice...Does it Work???

    Item Looked Okay. Followed the MANY MANY steps in the instructions several times, but I could never get the vehicle into the mode required in order to register the remote. Turn Key On..Open Drivers Door..Turn Key Off...Close Drivers Door..Turn key to Start etc..etc.etc So I don't know if it works or not.

  • Yooper30 - Complete set

    Only used a few of them but they seem strong and up to the tasks I've used them on so far. Awesome set for the price the roll up bag doesn't really secure the bigger wrenches as the top can't fold over them. But I w I usd recommend this product to people.

  • Rojas - A great first foray into VR technology

    Sony's VR headset, for what it was advertised, is actually fairly impressive. Are you getting the most amazing graphics, no not really, but all of the little details and specs that could have seriously detracted from the quality of the experience, such as the frame rate or the head tracking, ran smoothly and caused no ill effects for me. Below are some pros and cons for the headset as a whole.

  • Denise - Loved that I found my shoes but considering they are ...

    Loved that I found my shoes but considering they are 2013 models I shouldn't of had to pay the full amount for them that was the only down part!