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Ayush Ayurvedic Pte Ltd - The Best in Ayurveda Treatment and Medicine. | Offering the best in Ayurveda treatment, massage and medicine - Ayush Ayurvedic, offers consultation, herbal remedies and therapies for all illness. Call us at 6398 0415 or make an online appointment at our website. 10

  • http://ayurvedasg.com/consultation/ Ayush Consultation Information - Affordable consultation and treatment of all kinds of medical issues, particularly chronic, rare and persistent ailments. Our sanctuary is fully equipped w
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/therapies/ Ayurveda Therapies Offered at Ayush Ayurvedic - Inherent from its therapeutic nature, Ayurvedic massages harmonise the body and stimulate the muscles to be relaxed, increase blood circulation and remove
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/ask-our-physician/ Ask Ayurvedic Physician - Our Ayurvedic physicians help answer questions from the members of the public in relation to their ailments.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/pricing/ Ayush Ayurvedic Offers Affordable Treatments - Our natural, safe and effective approach to health care and treatments are offered at an affordable cost.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/our-sanctuary/ Visit Ayush Ayurvedic Santuaries - Ayush Ayurvedic has two branches in Singapore and one in Malaysia. Our main Branch at Race Course Road and [email protected], we offer a wide spectrum of ayurved
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/gallery/ Ayush Ayurvedic Gallery - Our practice is a vibrant place. Not only do we conduct Ayurveda consultation and treatment but also, courses and give talks and spread the knowledge of Ay
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/about-us/ Ayush Ayurvedic - #1 Ayurveda in Singapore - Ayush Ayurvedic Pte Ltd was established in 2008. Its primary goal is to provide a holistic and natural means to good health, emotional well-being and to e
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/testimonials/ Our Testimonials - Listen to what some of our patients have to say about our services and treatments.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../thalapothichil/ Thalapothichil Ayurveda Therapy - Thalapothichil therapy reduces body heat, promotes sound sleep, Induces mental peace and useful in psoriasis management, alopecia and prevents hair fall.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../elakizhi Ayurveda Elakizhi therapy to induce better circulation within the affected areas - Elakizhi therapy induces better circulation within the affected area thereby promoting increased perspiration, which helps the skin to eliminate wastes. It
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../takradhara-2 Takradhara Ayurveda Treatment - Takradhara treatment relieves body heat and maintains the mental and psychological well-being. It also treats sleeping disorder, stress, chronic skin disea
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../nasyam Nasyam Ayurvedic Treatment - Nasyam is a nasal cleansing treatment which stimulates the nerves and brain functions.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../shirovasti Shirovasti Ayurveda Therapy - Shirovasti is an excellent therapy for nerve related problems, migraine, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, insanity, diseases
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../thalam Thalam Ayurveda Treatment - Thalam is a localised treatment for the relief of ailments like migraine, insomnia, body heat and ear, nose and throat related problems.
  • http://ayurvedasg.com/../../njavarakizhi Ayurveda Njavarakizhi Massage - Njavarakizhi is a body massage done with a small linen poultices filled with Navara rice, which is cooked in cow’s milk and a specific herbal mixture whi

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  • Roseanna Hiltz - Great Purchase!!

    It is soooo nice as a Prime subscriber to purchase items and get them in a timely manner so you can enjoy your purchase right away. The music on this CD is great. Luv,Luv,Luv

  • MichaelJ - We have tried several other products that made me leery of anything like this, but this product is amazing

    The Discovery of this product has changed my life and the life of my employees who use this product. I run a Electrical Contracting business and we specialize in remodels. We are cutting in an average of 75 can lights a month. We have tried several other products that made me leery of anything like this, but this product is amazing! I now own 5 of them!

  • Dylan H. - I would buy again

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. The look to be decent pedals for the price. They are a bit stiff but feel solid. Good deal over all.

  • Mr. T - I was skeptical about the fuel economy but have found that it is almost exactly as rated and great! I fill up for around 20 doll

    I purchased a 2016 Honda Civic EX-T sedan about 3 months ago. The features are well advanced. I was skeptical about the fuel economy but have found that it is almost exactly as rated and great! I fill up for around 20 dollars or less and can go over 400 miles. I am about 6'2 an have plenty of room. The car is very quiet and has plenty of power considering it is a 1.5 liter engine (turbo helps). If you are in the market for a medium sized car definetly test drive a Civic you will be presently surprised.

  • Mina - Great All Oil Product! Recommended!

    Typically I use coconut oil in my hair for a general product when I do a sleep in mask or if I just want to tame fly aways and I also use it after a shower. I bought this product because I have had some hair loss and bad breakage due to many many years of dying my hair constantly (I now strictly use Henna hair dyes if I color it). I have been using this product for about a week as my replacement for coconut oil so I use it anytime I would have used my coconut. I also have been doing the inversion method every night with a bit of the oil and then 2 times a week I use as directed and rub into my scalp and use through my ends as a mask and I sleep in it. The next day I wash my hair with the Vaadi Shampoo and Conditioner and so I am only washing about twice a week. So far I have not noticed any change to the volume of my hair (which makes sense because it has only been a week) however, my hair feels amazing! I absolutely love this product so far for the way the oil helps repair my hair before and after a shower. I will update this review after I start seeing a change in the amount of hair fall and breakage but so far it is worth it to use as a all oil product.

  • The Adkins Family - Smooth and quiet

    The machine shipped via ABF out of Oklahoma City. The driver unloaded it and put it in the garage. The driver will not put it in the house, so if you are expecting it to be placed inside or moved to a specific room you had better try to arrange this before delivery.

  • D. Gonzalez - Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil

    Great product for dry skin. I use it on my face and neck in the winter and you can rub it into your feet.