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  • Marilyn S. Stark - Caboki gave me confidence i never expected to have again

    I am an older woman: I began to lose my hair when I went into menopause 15 years ago: within two years of menopause I lost about 1/4 of my hair and to the present time I have lost a lot more. I hate that no matter how my hair was styled, you could always see my scalp. One day I googled thin hair/bald spots, and Caboki came up and offered a free sample which I did get (all I paid was shipping). I took this product to my stylist and she used it - it is the most amazing product on the planet. Last week I ordered a 90 day supply from Amazon. I even got my hair cut shorter because now the bald spots can be covered. I did check out the ingredients--there is no silica in this product.. This is the most amazing product and you don't need a ton of it to cover those bald areas. It has been a miracle for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have asthma and allergies and I was concerned about the smell ( hardly any) --- so far so good.- I am really careful about using new products. If you have any reservations all you can do is try it-- I can assure you, you will love it;

  • Jennifer - Long and thick hair, no problem!

    As someone with thick hip-length hair, I've trialed many a hair drain catcher... This by far is the best!

  • Zachary - Increases internet speed

    I ordered this product to access faster internet browsing speeds for my home network. Before I had an average modem from a well-known company paired with a very high performing router, yet I was extremely disappointed with the wireless speed. Especially since I had purchased the faster internet package from my ISP. So I upgraded to this modem. It has performed extremely well. The internet browsing speeds are noticeably faster. For example, there is almost zero lag time to start a youtube video, whereas before there would be a few seconds of loading/buffering. But this modem as ensuring an almost seamless experience. I highly recommend this product for those individuals who want to get the most out of their internet. It is pointless to pay for a high-speed connection to only be held back by your own equipment.

  • Vicki305 - Eye Primer that works

    Use to use UD and moved to this product. It is much cheaper and it really, really does its job !! Lasts at least 12 hours and that is a good thing. No touch ups needed during the day. I have tried ALOT of these eyes primers and must say it works as good as UD !!

  • tata - awesome but tough to catch the ball

    it is fun but to catch the ball was a little difficult but a good game it is a really enjoyable game!

  • DazedandDelirious - It works!

    I've been using this product for about 3 years now. As with many supplements you might not feel a difference when you start taking it - I certainly didn't. What I did do though after a few months was a negative test where I quit using it. Then I really noticed a crash in my energy level. After starting to use it again I felt fine. I've done the negative test three times now with the same result each time. It works for me regarding my energy level and I highly recommend it.

  • pettis63 - Putting it all into perspective

    I'm almost done reading this book. It is an eye opener in how we need to live our life and treat our spouse. It's an easy read, and I've gained some really good insight with this book and hope to do this as a small group study.