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  • John - Major issues with PS4

    I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with this game, but the game play is absolutely horrendous. The camera works fine when I'm in the Playroom, but when I use it for the game it doesn't detect half the moves and barely detects other players. I'm not sure if UBI Soft will fix the problem with a patch or that I should return the game. I wouldn't recommend the PS4 version to anyone in the current state. I would wait to see if UBI Soft patches or updates the game and solves the problem before purchasing.

  • alunsford - Too invasive

    When Avast updated last time it literally took over my computer!!! I had to go in and disable most aspects to get just the coverage I wanted. I am a college professor and could not even get to the educational sites I usually use. When my subscription is up I will not renew.

  • Hugh W. - Initial impressions of Office 2013

    I have used Office 365 AKA Office 2013 for a few months on another machine. There are a lot of new features above Office 2010 that have benefits to the user. However, as with most MS products of late it requires the user to spend a lot of time exploring each feature and deciding if there is a real benefit to the user. Most of those who use the product in a business setting need ease of initial set up and launching of the product and interface with older MS versions as quickly as possible. The installation on a new Windows 8.1 desktop machine went smoothly. However, if you already installed Office 2010 or earlier versions of office and installed Office 2013 without uninstalling 2010 it can cause problems especially if you use iCloud devices. I was my experience under these conditions Office 2013 becomes unstable and requires a reinstallation. For me it took several reinstallations before it settled down.