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  • More Police Raids in Nimbin Today Just Before The Election - It’s hard to not think the massive police raids in Nimbin today aren’t at least a bit political. I remember other raids in the week before an election.
  • Sex Party Accuses Mathias Cormann of Lying On Above the Line Voting - The Sex Party’s recommendation is designed to challenge key aspects of the Senate voting reforms. “This should raise the ire of Mr Cormann. We hope it does.”
  • Senior Nurse Forced Underground To Treat Her Terminal Cancer - In 2013 Tanya Hill was a healthy 66-year-old Clinical Nurse Specialist happily working in her chosen profession as a flight nurse with NSW Air Ambulance.
  • Every Day In Every Way, We Can Do Cannabis Better, Marijuana HEMP - The Marijuana HEMP Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony.
  • Marijuana Party Senate Candidate Finds Fertile Ground in WA - Michael Balderstone is the lead Marijuana (HEMP) Party candidate on the HEMP/SEX party joint Senate ticket in Western Australia at the upcoming election.
  • Sex & Marijuana Parties To Share Joint Senate Tickets - Australian Sex Party & Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the next election by sharing joint tickets in most states.
  • Federal Senate Voting Changes 2016 Election - Voting is different this federal election. The Parliament has recently passed changes to the voting method for electing Senators in your state or territory.
  • Green Prohibitionist, No Wiggle Room For Cannabis - Green's Leader, Senator Richard Di Natale wants to continue Cannabis prohibition. His party "do not support the legalisation of currently illegal drugs".
  • Ice War Or Culture War? - Whoever decided the main weapon in the NSW war on ice is to be a trebling of roadside saliva testing may actually be encouraging its use.
  • Letter to our Prime Minister who inhaled: Malcolm Turnbull - Dear Malcolm Turnbull, why do the police get the last say in Australia on drug policy? Are they the drug experts? Don’t they have a conflict of interest?
  • HEMP Party NSW - HEMP Party NSW is a state branch of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.

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