5 ASTRAZENECA complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer - AstraZeneca - Astra Zeneca: I'm ready to sue!. AstraZeneca - Seroquel is a dangerous drug. Beware of the side effects.

  • AstraZeneca - Review about Azandme Prescription Savings Program from Cincinnati, Ohio Review 704151 Sep 22 @ Pissed Consumer - I live on social security and have tried and tried to qualify for the AstraZenica and Me help with prescription medication program. I give up! The company makes an application a technological nightmare. Don't be fooled by
  • AstraZeneca - Seroquel is a dangerous drug. Beware of the side effects. Review 540843 Oct 01 @ Pissed Consumer - I was prescribed Seroquel by my doctor for depression. 100 mg. made me restless with a feeling that I needed to crawl out of my skin. The doctor said to take 300 mg. which knocked me out
  • AstraZeneca - Lied to over and over Review 341569 May 02, Tucson, Arizona, Astrafx @ Pissed Consumer - I contacted astrazeneca almost 8 weeks ago for help with my symbicort inhaler purchase,since I lost my job 5 month's ago.I filled out the required paperwork and recieved a letter stating that I would receive a 1 time shipment,but then
  • AstraZeneca - Astra Zeneca **Husband of Employee** Review 202679 Apr 06, Washington, District Of Columbia @ Pissed Consumer - My wife has worked at AstraZeneca for a number of years now as a Pharmacutical Rep. Recently she was on a business trip for the company, after working a full day they are "encouraged" to go out drinking with
  • AstraZeneca - Astra Zeneca: I'm ready to sue! Review 185417 Nov 25, Aurora, Colorado @ Pissed Consumer - For several years, I have been prescribed 300mg-Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate), manufactured by AstraZenenca, to combat a sleep disorder with which I suffer. Today, I’m targeting Seroquel and the company that manufactures it. Seroquel is an atypical-antipsychotic that is
  • AstraZeneca 1-800-236-9933 Customer Service Phone Number, Location, Contact Details @ Pissed Consumer - AstraZeneca Customer Service, Phone: 1-800-236-9933, Address: 1800 Concord Pike, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET, excluding holidays

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  • SilverFlowers - Disappointed

    I researched and found, what I thought, was the ideal case. It received great ratings regarding protection and it was slim. Two qualities that I liked. When I first received it I was very pleased but now that I've had it 4 months I am very disappointed. There are hair-line cracks by the buttons and the opening for the power cord. The protective rubber is now coming off. I should say that I did drop on to a tiled floor and nothing happened to the phone. I'm now looking for a replacement and I'm thinking if the $30+ case is falling appart after 4 months, maybe I'll try the $10 one.

  • Feelinggoodagain - Loved the result!

    I've been through countless weight loss supplements and had almost given up until I found Yoli. I not only look better then I have in years, but I also feel amazing.

  • Blackhawk - fantastic product

    About two years ago I developed a flakey red facial rash and dandruff. I went to a highly regarded skin doctor every six months to deal with the problem and it only got worse. I couldn't understand why the doctors treatment had no effect, the doctor seemed unconcerned or uninformed. In desperation I started researching the internet and ran across a form where people were experiencing the same problem. In a short time I began to understand the root cause of the problem was the very medication prescribed. On the forum people were mentioning Sebamed products and their use. I went to Amazon and found the products I was looking for. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but nothing else was working. In less than two weeks of using Sebamed products my condition completely cleared up and has not returned. I confess I'm furious that I wasted my time and money, not to mention the embarrassment I suffered at the hands of a medical professional. In my estimation the Sebamed products are top shelf and a small price to pay to a cure.

  • John Mitchel - great, but one problem

    this thing is really great. what kid doesnt want to mimic a degrading job traditionally performed by power mad high school drop outs? I can't help but think if this worked better they'd still make a Playmobil Twin Towers.

  • Enkidu - Weak Product, Contains Stimulant

    I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, the item description fails to mention that it contains Eluthero - a Chinese herb that used to be marketed as "Siberian ginseng." Eluthero is supposed to be an "adaptogen" - an herb that helps the body deal with stress. This may or may not be true, but it is also a stimulant.

  • Kim Zussman - They can escape!

    I have a new Squirrelinator trap and have solved the puzzle of missing squirrels. Yes - squirrels can be smart (or lucky) enough to get out! Here's how I know: