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  • J S Bach - Good but not great

    I have tried and removed many different software products for the amazon vine programme. Please note the last phrase, removed, as many programs which have been tested were either useless, did not do what they were supposed to do, too complicated to be of any use or slowed the computer down so much it became inoperable. I have had AVG products in the past and have had mixed results using them. In the past I tested AVG on notebooks and have found them too RAM intensive to be used on the simple 1GB to 2GB computers. This product has been tested on a Dell XPS Ultrabook, 4GB Ram and 128 SSD.

  • JaJen - Nearly Miraculous!

    From the time I was a teenager, and I am 44 now, the skin on my feet has gotten terribly dry. Back then I had satin sheets and they were ruined from my dry skin messing them up by putting little pulls in the fabric.

  • Delores Passmore - excellent product

    Product worked excellently. Brought for my father who is 73 year old, he told me the other day he has been using and has not had any joint pains since starting product. Said he would do a commercial for product as he went off to work on his job painting a house.

  • chairlady - Engaging and well written

    I found Ink Mage to be very well written and entertaining. I've read quite a bit of fantasy series so I'm used to the same spin in many of them. It's ok though as long as it's done well and flows well. Of course the author has to come up with a lot of action and reactions that are believable which Gischler does. Something else I enjoy in this series is that the emotions run true and pay off quickly.

  • Christian - Perfect

    Bought 2 of these, office and home. Perfect for charging iPad and iPhone....and rids the need to take 2 separate plugs when traveling.

  • Mo Ip - A Japanese knockoff of the MACBOOK AIR ...

    This (the 3215U model) is the ultimate chromebook in the $200-$400 price range, you need look no further. It has a blazing white IPS display, viewable from all angles. It has a great mac-like keyboard (but with greater key travel) with nice action (I type 115wpm and was very pleasantly surprised). It has a backlit keyboard which is very helpful when watching a movie in a darkened room. It has a full-depth slot for an SDHC card. It lasts for 8 hours on a charge. It sips power and has the smallest power block I have ever seen - 1.5 x 1 x 3 inches in size. Like many Chromebooks it produces unusually out loud and clear sound so that 3 people can watch a movie together, at once. It has a blazing fast Celeron 3215U processor - perhaps the first laptop ANYWHERE to use the Celeron 3215U processor which runs as fast as an i3 processor, it just lacks a few 3D graphics gpu's. It puts out a Google Octane (browser benchmark) score of 18,000 which is 2x the score of the previous generation of 2840n chromebooks and equivalent to an i3-4005U chromebook (I also have acer c720p, acer c720 i3 computers in my house). And then, finally, best of all, the price is still just $329.99 and worth every single penny.

  • Hildrele - I think these actually work, but they contain titanium ...

    I think these actually work, but they contain titanium dioxide, a known carcinogen. It's used as a filler.