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  • D Phillips - Great Product

    Product as advertised and shipping was very good. Installation of these mud flaps was a breeze with no special tools needed but it was necessary to go online to print off the installation directions. install was 20 minutes

  • Christine Bobo Randall - Excellent Natural Color Results

    I just wanted you to know that I am thrilled with the results! This is the most true to my natural color and also the best "white" coverage I have ever had - natural looking reds are very difficult, but this turned out gorgeous. I love everything about it!

  • MommaBaker - WARPS WHEN HEATED

    It's a good pan in that it does the job and it's stainless steel, but it warps with when heated so things move around when I don't want them to. I will use them, but I have to get something thicker to use to hold my baking products because they obviously don't bake flat in this pan. I am sorry I bought 2, but lesson learned for next time.

  • Amazon Customer - For suckers.

    Beware this shady game. Like all, they start off enticing with wins and bonuses but it's not long before the greed sets in. Play for leisure but Iadvised not to purchase coin packs, they will get more costly. One tactic they use is that they will slowly remove the lower price coin packages, while adding more expensive ones to the top of the list. I started off being able to buy 2.99 pack (the most expensive was $29.99), now the lowest is 79.99 (most expensive $999.99). Save you money and play a nice puzzle game instead of mindlessly pushing a button to give these vultures your money. Or not. It's your money. (then it's theirs and you have nothing to show for it)

  • Primate - Prefered Version

    These are getting harder to find and becoming more costly as the newer version is not as desirable. Microsoft seems to be moving toward online rental of it's software, and the 2010 versions still put the full product in the users hands.

  • Tara - Get it WAY cheaper at GNC

    Okay so I did alot of research on the main ingredient which is "MACA" and that is ALL you need. It increases your estrogen levels where it's needed. Like in your breast, hips, and butt. You can get a MACA supplement at GNC for $7.99! It comes with 100 pills. Thats what I'm doing.

  • CA reader - Effective but stinky

    I want to like this product. It seems to address my dry heels more effectively than other creams I've used but I simply can't get past the smell. It stinks. It reminds me of the smell that seems to cling to old people. (Do they all use this stuff?!) It lingers in the air and sticks to your hands even after washing repeatedly. I will continue my quest for something else.