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  • bluesky - Annual tradition

    I buy this annual ornament for my daughters-in-law every Christmas. I was thrilled to get the price that Amazon offers. I've paid double in years past at the mall. These are beautiful! I'm told they look forward to this gift every year. Glad I started that tradition over a decade ago. Thank you Amazon for making this purchase more affordable.

  • R. M. Tucker - My new favorite kitchen companion

    Just to let you know from the start, I'm biased. I have been Altons biggest fan since we got digital cable when I was 12 and I saw good eats for the first time. Alton brown is my hero and getting to meet him at a bar after one of his shows was amazing.

  • Tammy M. - Rome is not a walk in the park!

    Rick Steve not only gave great tips on taxis, restaurants and what to look out for but a wonderful history lesson. There is almost to much to see. Beautiful city however, I don't think Italians like Americans.

  • Tanisha - Exactly what I was looking for to partner with my Macbook

    Just bought the display for my Macbook Retina and I love it so far. The Macbook screen is clear, crisp and amazing but when I'm working on spreadsheets it's just too small. I set this up today and plugged it in and it worked immediately. The screen is the perfect size and bright. I don't have any delay or issues. It's exactly what I wanted and the price was definitely the deciding factor. I'll probably get another one if I decide to do some serious gaming.

  • Mommy shopper - Poorly made kit

    Avoid like the plague. I was given two of these one for each of my children (8 and 11). The plan was that I would assist my 8 year old in construction while my 11 year old would follow along on her own...fat chance. The first step is winding the coil around toilet paper roll which requires a ton of patience and a steady hand. My 11 tried but ultimately gave up about half way after she slipped and the whole thing came unwound and got tangled. She's out. She resigns to watching me work on the 8 year old's set and after 20 minutes of careful winding (and a hand cramp to go with it) I was able to complete the coil.