Review: Alpha Epsilon Blog - מחירון הובלה דירהבית שמש החברה המנוסה והאיכותית שלנו מבצעת הובלות קטנות בתוך בית שמש וגם הובלות קטנות לבית שמש על בסיס קבוע. עלות אחסון תכולת דירה בבית שמש רמת

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  • christy alexander - Love this product

    Love this product! Love what it does to my hair and I love the way it makes my hair smell. My hair doesn't smell for a little while it smells all the way till the next day when I wash my hair again. Thank you so much for having this product. My stylist used it on my hair and I was sold. However, can't find this in any store where I lived so thankfully I found it here. I will be buying my hair products here for a while.

  • Denise - AWFUL!!!!

    I just returned this! I use it for 20 days and found myself bloated, constipated, no more energy than I usually had before. I really did not need to lose weight just wanted to get rid of the bloating. Started taking a pro-biotic from CVS and it took away my constipation, my bloating and I felt so much better. I wouldn't buy this though GNC is great about refunding your money.

  • Elliott - I needed a shoe more comfortable to run in than my flat-soled cross training shoes

    I wouldn't call this a hard-core running shoe, which is what I expected and wanted. I needed a shoe more comfortable to run in than my flat-soled cross training shoes, as well as shoe that I could wear day to day. This shoe definitely meets those needs. Very comfortable and good looking. BUT, after only two weeks of wearing them, I can already tell they will not last long. The treads are not coated with a durable rubber, and the softer foamy material is what makes impact with the ground. This makes them comfortable, but also prone to rapid wear. Effects already noticeable. I am pretty tough on shoes, but I still expected better quality from nike. If you are the type of guy who cycles between multiple pairs of shoes, go ahead and buy them. If you wear 1 pair everyday until they die, dont.

  • EORN - Passed NCLEX RN

    I would drive 50 miles each way to work and back, I would listen to the CD's in the car over and over. I found them very helpful and easy to understand. I would highly recommended them.