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  • Cary Vandevender - I've used this off and on and I love it

    I use this for about 30 days and then get off for 30 and so on. I can definitely tell a difference when I'm on it, but I don't like to be totally dependent on supplements

  • Anthony Segredo - Five stars if you don't listen to his radio program.

    99% of this I knew from his radio program which I heartily recommend. Not sure if it was fair to cut a star because I had heard all this before. If you don't know Thom Hartmann's show, definitely buy the book.

  • Healer - amazing

    Very well written by beautiful spiritual beings, contributing to the shifting of our oneness. Excellent documentation of a challenging area to express. Thank you.

  • Angela - Classy Red Cover

    It fit my new Fire Tablet perfectly. The case holds the tablet firmly, and I have no fear of it coming out nor becoming loose. I love the contrast on the back of the case. It gives it an upscale look. The case isn't perfectly smooth but has a subtle texture. The red isn't a bright red but a subdued classy red color. I don't prop it up much using the folding front cover, but I have done it a few times. If you are watching a program, presentation or video and have a table or desk to set it on this is a nice feature. I love how the cover was very reasonable and a great value, and didn't cost more than the tablet.

  • Heather Jones - Good product for the price.

    After reading reviews of this product on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly on the tiny scratches in the paint that did not expose any primer. For bigger scratches where I could see the primer, I used cream #1 multiple times (up to 7) to get rid of them. On those scratches, it probably got rid of about 80% of them. For deep scratches, such as key marks, it really didn't work that well on its own. I followed the advice of another reviewer, and painted first with a matching auto paint I bought at Walmart. Let it dry, then I sanded it with the 3000 grit paper and used cream #1 several times. Finished up with cream #2 and the key mark was noticeably improved. Definitely not perfect, but I would say it worked as well as my neighbor's $400 car buffer, for only $14. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to get rid of small scratches cheaply. Also -- you have to rub in cream #1 really hard!

  • Mrs. L.C. - So much fun

    I own quite a few Kinect dance games for exercising on rainy or cold days, it's fun and this is by far my favorite one of all of them! I enjoy it but most of all my 2 boys and my nieces love it! They especially love dancing together ( there are four kids and 4 players) and then watching themselves on the replay

  • Clark - Lead me to a life changing discovery

    I didn't actually purchase this item but Amazon's "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" section allowed me to discover this gem