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About Journal • American Journal of Biomedicine - American Journal of BioMedicine "AJBM" is the official journal of the American Society of BioMedicine (ASBM).AJBM is a monthly peer-reviewed journal of ...

  • http://ajbm.net/952016-2/ Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance (ICUS) treated with low dose of Lenalidomide • American Journal of Biomedicine - Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance (ICUS) is a myeloid condition that have been recently described
  • http://ajbm.net/32-2/ Molecular analysis of PTEN gene in some Iraqi colorectal cancer patients • American Journal of Biomedicine - PTEN gene is refer to Phosphatase and TENsin homolog deleted on chromosome 10 which is a tumor suppressor gene located at chromosome 10q23.31
  • http://ajbm.net/hplc-fractioning-study-synergy-antagonism-rue-plant-seeds-alkaloid-inhibit-topoisomerase-ii-antitumor/ HPLC fractioning to study the synergy and antagonism of rue plant seeds alkaloid to inhibit topoisomerase II as antitumor • American Journal of Biomedicine - DNA topoisomerases are ubiquitous, enzymes needed to control topological problems encountered during DNA replication, transcription..
  • http://ajbm.net/effect-prepubertal-postpubertal-long-term-exposure-mild-dose-soybean-seeds-tissue-function-thyroid-gland-albino-rat/ Effect of prepubertal and postpubertal long-term exposure to the mild dose of soybean seeds on the tissue and function of thyroid gland in albino rat • American Journal of Biomedicine - The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of long-term exposure to the mild dose of soybean seeds on thyroid gland
  • http://ajbm.net/bm-2016-9-25/ Assessment of cervical cytomorphological changes in infertile women undergoing IVF/ICSI • American Journal of Biomedicine - Abnormalities of cervical secretions may account for ∼3% to 8% of cases of infertility in women.
  • http://ajbm.net/5870-2/ Assessment of postmenopausal bleeding: a cohort case study • American Journal of Biomedicine - The objective of this study is to assessment the postmenopausal bleeding (PMB), and investigated their causes,

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  • M. Haapala - Feeling less Sluggish and Happy with the Purchase

    I was drawn to 1 Body Liver Support & Cleanse by all of the glowing reviews here on Amazon. After cross checking the ingredients head to head with several other Liver health supplements, I found this to be the best bang for the buck. Healthy doses of Milk Thistle and B vitamins were most important to me, and this fits the bill. Although I have only been taking the supplement for a week, I do feel far less sluggish. Is this placebo effect? It's too early to tell, and I do intend to provide updates...but for the time being, I am feeling better- and for me, that equals money well spent. An added plus- the customer service provided by 1 Body is second to none.

  • Briana Punwasi - Love this planner

    Love this planner! Did come a little damaged on the side and front - not sure if that's due to shipping

  • Brikee - Very detailed.

    My CPA is not to keen on some of the suggestions . I hav not gotten through the whole book. Working on it.

  • T. Priest - Great for our baby

    Our little one was having some diarrhea issues that were ongoing and unexplained. She is exclusively breastfed and no formula or other foods yet. Our pediatrician recommended trying probiotics so we ordered these. Within two or three days her stool was the normal look and consistency for that of a breastfed baby. I am so happy and relieved. The dropper is glass and has the line for the dose which makes it super easy. You have to make sure you shake it well, but baby isn't bothered by taking it.

  • Al Wegener - A moving set of essays

    I read a lot, but until BookBub recommended this book, I'd not read essays since college. This collection touched my emotions regularly, and I've since recommended the book to several friends that also read widely. Choose this collection to be consistently moved to both laughter and tears.

  • Lewis M. Phelps - Found a small ring my daughter lost - paid for itself in 15 minutes

    My daughter lost a small gold ring with a ruby stone, while caring for a neighbor's child at a local park. White's Electronics recommended this model. The ring was quite small, and I was skeptical that it could be found amid the mass of playground wood chips in which it had been lost. We went to the playground and began searching. There were some "false positive" signals from gum wrappers and a small piece of wire, but after about 15 minutes of searching we got a very strong signal. There was the missing ring!

  • Dark Horse - Huh...

    This book was good. I loved the plot, and everything seemed very realistic. This stuff could actually happen. Except, it isn't likely that your mom is going to let you get off the hook so easily, and so many times. This book was very enjoyable and entertaining. I stayed up late tonight reading the rest of this book.