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  • Millennial CPA - Great illustrations, these are wonderful

    Great illustrations, these are wonderful. I'm buying them for story time for my future children. Plus, I just love seeing the artist renditions of the story. So much more accurate than the movies. Great present for any person, whether you are a fan already or not!

  • Matthew Thomas - Smells like a sewer, but works miracles in the garden

    Sprinkled this on the grass and EVERYTHING turned green. I also mix it 50-50 with potash and use it as banana plant fertilizer - they grew 4 feet this year!

  • Katie Robinson - Awesome Seller!

    Perfect as described! Will buy from again. Item was exactly what I was looking for and fit my needs as expected.

  • John - Great but rushed?

    Typos creap in here. Im old school used to perfectly corrected print media. Dont know whats hard about reading through and eliminating that. Story good though. I think a bit more depressing than needed. Needs more balance.

  • BizNurse - Saved us a TON of money!!

    We've now purchased 6 of the 5 gallon containers! THINK we love this product?? Our decking was 20 years old and in BAD shape! I hate wasting wood, so we decided to give the Restore a try. Mind you we live in HOT San Antonio and our HUGE deck is in the full sun! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this product a 20!! Favorite colors are RUSSET and SAND. SOOOO worth the investment! We are both home full time with our business and now spend TONS of time enjoying our BEAUTIFUL deck! We learned some tricks to applying, so ask us if you have any questions.... Linda/RN

  • SWENCILER - Just what I needed

    I like to write down all of my transactions to keep track of my checking account. Since I do not write many checks and the only way to get these registers from the bank is to reorder checks I fill up my checkbook registers before I need checks. these are reasonably priced and arrived quickly. I definitely will be ordering more when I need them!