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  • Mike Briggs - Full of bugs and poorly supported

    I've used lots of different backup options in the past, including Acronis' Backup and Recovery. I bought this thinking it would be cut from the same cloth. Big mistake. The user interface is terrible, but I figured out how to do a simple incremental backup of selected files and folders to a NAS directory, deleting old backup files.. The program worked fine for several weeks, then inexplicably claimed that it "could not find volume 1". The NAS had lots of free disk space, and I could see all the files in the appropriate directory, so I was sort of scratching my head.

  • Edith - Excellent soap! Helped clear my baby's face rash

    Excellent soap! Helped clear my baby's face rash. I tried using 3 cream oitmet prescribed by my pediatrician, and none worked, the baby's rash only got worse. I made a mom desperate research and decided to try this bar soap. I noticed results within a few hours using this product.

  • Peppy - Want more of these

    More than I expected; it's a great album for collecting the coins. Thanks for another great book for the collector.

  • David J. Dzurinko - Great Buy

    We purchased ours 6 months ago. My wife and I both use it 4 times weekly for 30 - 45 minutes each session. We actually ordered the E35, but two weeks after we ordered it Sole notified us it was on back order. I put up a little fight and they discounted the unit $50 and ended up sending us the E55 for the price of the E35. I think we ended up paying $1,249 for it. We've been very happy. It's true, this thing is big and heavy. It makes for a very stable workout. I'm a big guy and we came from a cheap proform which I always felt I would break. I carried this unit up and built it in our 3rd floor living room. It was a back breaker. We moved 8 weeks ago and I set it up recently in the new home. It's actually very easy to move. About 10 or 12 bolts. Re-assembly took me 30 minutes. Even after moving the machine once, it's very solid. Worth every penny!

  • Deimos - Perfect bag for transporting your golf spikes

    Perfect bag for transporting your golf spikes. I've also found it works perfectly to transport dress shoes when on business trips by connecting it to my garment bag. Quite happy with this purchase.

  • Cortnee - Great workout, just the right amount of time

    My husband and I are on our fourth day of the T25 program. We're not following the strict diet, but we are practicing portion control and cutting out as much fat and sugar as is reasonable for our family. We love the workouts. They make you work for it, but 25 minutes is JUST the right amount of time that you're begging for your mommy but haven't given up just yet. The modifications are helpful, especially for me since I'm 6 months post partum and breastfeeding. I have NO muscle mass to speak of at the moment. But that's all going to change now thanks to this workout DVD set.

  • J. Robinson - Excellent

    Maybe it's because they are one of the highest priced vitamins out there and it's all in our head, but these do seem to work better than the less expensive vitamins. We just feel better. (we think)