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  • California Sun - Waste of money and time

    Expensive and useless -- tried to fix a charger cable, glasses stem -- melts on your fingers, not on repaired object. Takes an eternity to harden and then breaks right off, leaving your fingers filthy.

  • KC Culpepper - This software is very useful and user friendly.

    As a home remodelling contractor, this software has allowed me to render & edit drawings that can be used from conception and design to construction.

  • J. Yee - My Results After 4 Weeks

    I was kind of skeptical in believing that drinking a tea could actually make a difference so I was surprised with the results. Since I was feeling a bit sluggish and bloated I thought I would try it. Just to start, I'm a 55 year old female, not on any medications. I am currently on the off week of the detox. Here's some of the things that happened to me after 4 weeks of drinking the tea once a day.

  • Robert C. Hemmer - Effective & Easy

    These racks were just what they should be: sturdy & easy to install! One estimation on placement & 8 screws later = DONE! Pls note: while I can do many things, I CANNOT (usually) do car stuff. Price was great too.

  • Kitchener Ont - This and the second volume are must reads if you ...

    This and the second volume are must reads if you want to know who is in control of this planet and what they are looking to take from you.

  • J Griffin - No Shine.

    This stuff is expensive. I paid over 8.00 at Safeway per bottle. I just cleaned and re-sealed my porcelin tile floors and was looking for future; this is all I could find. After finishing the floor and it dried, the floor had the same shine as the bare floor! I thought maybe it just needed another coat; but after that one dried it still looked the same. Total waste of money. Bleh.