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  • A. Hall - Easy to read, very informative

    I have a nack for learning computer programs and decided I wanted to master Excel. I purchased this book and it has been the best decision of my young professional life.

  • Timothy J Harding - Satisfied this experienced rider.

    I rode this bike from CT to Montreal CA. Experienced cyclist needed a cheap replacement after being hit on my other bike. No significant mechanical issues. The bike is definitely an amazing starting level and even advanced level bike. However, unless you are a very experienced bike mechanic, you'll have hell assembling this bike out of the box. So allow your self either an entire afternoon leaning to assemble a bike from the ground up, or 60$+ to have a shop do it for you. Id also recommend upgrading the tires immediately. But overall I'm very impressed with hasa. Solid frame. Decent component package. Very very very worth the price. Better than anything else that I've ever heard of under $1000.

  • Angela - Love my new "Skin"

    Just received this product and absolutely love it! Haven't used it long enough to say whether or not it has improved my skin, but just from a make up point of view, I think it's wonderful. Color is perfect for my skin tone and you really don't even need a primer before applying, because it goes on so smoothly. You only need a small pea size amount to cover your entire face, so it's economical too.

  • E.L. - Surprisingly this works great to wash windows before drying with Norwex window polishing ...

    Surprisingly this works great to wash windows before drying with Norwex window polishing cloth. Windows were streak free. I did wash cloths with recommended phosphate free detergent when rinsing wasn't getting them clean enough.

  • Amazon Customer - Battery eater!

    I have never had a phone which in standby mode consumes so much power. This phone needs to be charged every day with constant or limited use. I will not buy another BLU phone after this. A Samsung or Nokia will suit my needs just fine.

  • Ranvel - Major scam

    This product is amazing. I purchased it in October from Amazon and registered the warranty right away ("Your 15-Months Limited Warranty has been activated.") recommended it to everyone for months. It does what no blender or food processor can do - liquify and transform any mix of veggies, nuts and water or milk into a delicious elixir. So why a one star review?

  • Primetime - Good Exfoliation

    St. Ives scrub is a must-have staple in my beauty regimen. I use it a few times throughout the week to help exfoliate my face. When I feel a bit of "grit" to my skin and notice it's not as smooth, after using this scrub, it feels smooth again. My complexion overall looks brighter as a result. In addition, I have sensitive skin, and this product does not irritate it. The grains are not harsh like some of the other scrubs I have tried. It also has a light, fresh scent. Price, quality, and results make this scrub a must-have.