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  • Bee Real - I LOVED IT, NOW I HATE IT!

    I have a big mouth juicer, and a few blenders. This is the first gadget that's kept me going with my smoothies multiple times a day. If you are looking for a juicer, this is not a juicer. It's better than all of the blenders that I've tried because it liquifies all of my greens. My favorite green drink has Kale, Pineapple, Mango, Peaches, Coconut milk, and Banana. I use some frozen fruits that I get from Costco, and it pulverizes those as well. I give it 4 stars because one of my lids is slightly leaky, and it may be a bit overpriced. But overall, I am very pleased and thankful I made the purchase. I started losing weight the first week, just by replacing one meal a day with a smoothie of my choice.

  • Eleventh Hour - Great!

    You must use at least 1 Tbsp. daily for at least 6 weeks before you start to notice a difference, but it's well worth the wait! Better skin, hair, nails, digestion, and circulation. Highly recommend, especially for people with joint problems (helps rebuild and repair collagen).

  • suehwest - the how to manual of travel!

    Rick Steves is a wonderful guide to travel. He fills this book with everything you need to know when trying to travel abroad. He leaves no stone unturned! The book is filled with practical tips on planning your trip. Safety, money,reservations,trains, planes and automobiles are all included! A must buy for anyone thinking of planning a trip.

  • godfreygirl143 - I love looking at my shiny floor now

    I've read the bad reviews on this....about wearing off, leaving a residue, and so on....but I LOVE this stuff. I love a shiny floor and I tried regular wax on my kitchen floor, but it left spots and wouldn't dry evenly. I had to remove it. I searched and searched and found this on, bought it, and applied it to my floor. WOW!!! I love looking at my shiny floor. I have a puppy that is indoor puppy pad trained and her food dish, water dish and puppy pad are all in the kitchen....the pad is at the end in a corner where you can't see it but she will sometimes drip after going and always drips after getting a drink. I have a Swiffer Duster Mop but use an old washrag on it instead of buying the refills and I just dampen it and wipe up the floor. If it need a deeper cleaning, I just spray a PineSol mix, Windex or Kaboom on it and wipe the whole floor. NONE of the finish has worn off, there are no spots or uneven marks and it just looks wonderful. I also did my bathroom floor and it's so easy to clean now and shines just as well even if drips stay on the floor after a shower before I see them. The drips have never left any spots. It puts on a great protective finish. This bottle will last a long time but I will purchase it again when I run out. I have nothing but good to say about this....MUCH better than wax!!!

  • Mark H. Weir - Well done and a little scary

    Thom Hartmann can sometimes be a little too preachy and single minded in his writing, and while that still is in play a little bit this book is very worthy of the price and read. Thom outlines how we can seen periodic crashes and crises at frighteningly predictable intervals. I may not buy into all that he said but it is something to make you think and a nonfiction book that can do that is always worth the price.