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  • Bill - Product is NOT 18/10 stainless steel!

    While the written description clearly states that this product is made from 18/10 stainless steel, IT IS NOT.

  • West coast J - horrible

    I rarely purchase computer software but when my son was born my wife and I began taking a lot of videos. We sprlurged and purchased this program to make DVDs then send them to family members. It has been a nightmare ever since we started using it. The program freezes every other time we use it. I have a new computer too (700GB hard drive and 8GB memory) with hardly anything on it. And when it does become stable enough where you can get something done, sure enough, it will freeze and you will lose all unsaved data. I can't recommend any other product since I haven't tried any others but I can definitely say stay away from this product.

  • UPNorthMom - Excellent Product

    I purchased this for my 12 year old son whos hormones are out of whack. He's greasy and full of facial acne. He's not good at washing his face in the AM/PM which has made the problem worse. I decided to try this after reading some reviews. It has worked wonders for my son and he has NOT applied it as often as I had wanted. However, I'm still seeing great results. I paid $19 for it in Amazon and that was a fair price. The price has increased a lot. I'm not sure it is worth that much! It is a very small jar. The cream has a little scent, but it is not very strong. It is very lightweight and rubs in easily with no greasy feeling. It has a cooling affect on the skin. Pictures are prior to treatment and after about a week of using the lotion. ***Unlike many others on here, I did not receive my product free. I was a paying customer.***

  • Jeaner5 - This amazing book was one I couldn't put down

    This amazing book was one I couldn't put down. It has so much excitement and action. I was on my toes and biting my nails throughout the book. Jessa and her boys, the Compasses brothers are their own pack filled with love and loyalty. They definitely have each other’s backs like they are their own family. Braxton, one of the brothers seems to have more protective instincts for Jessa and is far more overprotective of her. Throughout the book there are very subtle hints on perhaps feelings that run a little deeper than the other brothers that Braxton displays. Overall the book has surprises, action, love, loyalty, and deception to keep you sucked in. I am so excited to read the next book to find out more about these characters. I highly recommend “Dragon Marked” by Jaymin Eve.

  • angelo - Awesome shoes!!!

    They are great shoes and I like that they are high top and give me ankle support when dancing have tried then once but so far so good.

  • Megan - Giving it two months (one month saw little changes)

    I have been using idol lash for about a month, once a day at night before I go to bed. I purchased a set of them from the site so I have a 90 day return option. So far I have not noticed much change, length seems to be a bit longer but no noticible thickness. I also have been using this on patchy areas of my eyebrows and if anything I am starting to see new hairs there. I will keep using it and update in a month or two.

  • MDGodfrey - Flood City

    UPDATE: Eventually GoPro contacted me and made things right. Apparently the person I was working with was a trainee and didn't handle things as they normally would. So they did replace my equipment. I have not been diving again yet but I assume things will go better in the future. I will do first dive with an empty case to be sure.