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  • Carol A. Bletz - No more breaking hair or split ends.

    I've been using Mane and Tail hair strengthener for the last year. My hair is colored and as I've gotten older it became dry and brittle with kits of breaking. I put this on my wet hair before mousse or blow drying and it's made a world of difference in my hair strength very little breakage and no split ends. I tried lots of other products to strengthen hair and it always seemed to make my style flat or made it look oily. I love this product and use it even on my dry hair with a little blow drying to freshen my style. When wet and freshly shampooed I use about 20 squirts. On restyling about 12. And a bottle lasts a long time.

  • Joseph M. - Great condition, great game!

    Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. It seems a little harder than the previous JD games but as long as you're up to the challenge it can be played!

  • Ronald - Just not for me

    Did not work out for me. My skin is tough and if anything this made me break out more. On to the next item to see if I can find something that works.

  • lmpnj64 - I love when I read a short story by an author ...

    I own every book in this series starting in the 1990's. Once I read up to the current year, I began searching on Amazon used books for back copies and now have begun reading from the 1980's. I love when I read a short story by an author that was relatively unknown at the time and is now very successful and well-known (i.e. Amy Tan).

  • nico k - all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions

    I had never had PMS until after my kids were born, and coupled with stress and a very heavy flow I was barely holding it together. I had very intense symptoms of PMDD and then my period was late or lasting for weeks or months at a time. I went to 4 different GYNs and was finally diagnosed (tentatively) with adenomyosis. A full hysterectomy was on the books when I googled and discovered that a vitamin K deficiency could be at play. I began taking Slow Flow and Women's Phase I; all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions. Well, I slacked on the Phase I and the PMDD came back with a vengeance. Just repurchased and am hoping it brings things back to normal. (I will update!) There is a ton of discussion around the internet about mineral deficiencies and PMS/PMD/dysmenorrhea. I just wish the medical community was more aware of it. It would've saved me thousands of dollars!!!

  • Worth a read - Worth a read

    There are three schools of thought regarding the origins of cancer: 1. it is genetic. 2. it is environmental. 3. it is a combination of 1 and 2.

  • Sandy716 - 2016 Silverado 2500hd

    Pretty basic item. But for price not bad. Will serve the purpose. Had trould getting the front ones to line up with the most inner screw hole on each side. So I just left that screw out on each side. Still seems to be sturdy enough to just hold a mudflap.