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  • A. Garey - Giant Scalpel for all weather conditions

    This knife is great for all weather conditions. The shape of the handle was a little odd I thought at first, but actually works really well if you need to put alot of downward pressure on the blade. The curvature fits right into the palm of your hand then. This is a solid full tang knife, the handle has alot of grip and is well suited to larger hands. It has a very wide and flat blade very much like a large scalpel. The shape of the cutting surface makes it easy to make long and deep cuts easily. Unless you have larger hands I would opt for the smaller version of this knife. It is an excellent knife for hunting and skinning tasks however.

  • Purfecteaz - #1 in my book,

    This is the very best adhesive remover by far. When I bought my new car, it came with the name of the dealer dot come sticker. I hated it and the dealer wouldn't remove it for me, I looked up Amazon and took a chance on this 3m product. Omg, the sticker came right off without anty effort. I used a white cotton cloth as direction said. It worked beautifully.

  • say712 - Okay

    The vacuum is all I really use of this. It is quite small (6 - 8 inches wide) so it takes a long time to get around the whole pool. I'll probably replace it next year.

  • Heather H - YUM!!!

    These potatoes are great. My mom and I actually used these to cater a wedding earlier this year, we got so many compliments on the potatoes. I did add some sour cream to give them an extra flavor boost but even without they are delicious!

  • SunnyBeachLife - NOT FOR DRY SKIN!!

    As I've stated on other websites, this product is NOT for dry skin!! I plunked down $250 to try it all and try it all I did. I gave it months of trials trying to get my skin to look wonderful like the infomercials..I would even have settled for my skin looking a tad better than it did. No dice. It caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it streaked, it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, it made my face look floury like a clown and I hated all of it and it all sits wasted in my closet. There is NO miracle makeup, different makeup works differently for different types of skin and I can't see how this dry powdery substance with no moisturizing qualities would even remotely look good on dry skin.