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  • JBrown - Good stuff.

    My wife and I had Note 4s. I got these cases in clear for them because they were the only ones I could find that weren't complete junk (I'm looking at you, Otterbox).

  • Purium Junky - This is by far the best product I've ever seen

    This is by far the best product I've ever seen. Purium makes an effort to provide the best supplements to the body by striving for USDA organic and vegan products. You will lose the weight fast, your sugar cravings will disappear, and your taste buds will reset. I lost 10 lbs during the 10 days but I have PCOS, which makes it almost impossible to lose weight. Another side effect is high sugar levels and inflammation in my joints. I was lifting heavy weights for a year and cardio. I was following bodybuilder protocol with no results. I needed a cleanse to reset my hormone imbalance and my metabolism but I had no knowledge of how to do it. I've had a hormone imbalance since middle school, I'll buy this product for as long as I can. I was skeptical at first because I tried all the other things like Advocare and Herbalife and nothing compares to this. Not even close. I was also skeptical because I was in denial about my sugar addiction. I wanted to stop eating junk food but I didn't know how. I was eating fast food 3 times a day and I was depressed because of it. During the cleanse I had mental clarity and finally control. The first 5 days sucked, not gonna lie, but I kept gong and so glad I did. I'll be doing another cleanse soon. My friends lost 18lbs and 13 lbs, so everyone is different. After Purium losing fat is the least of my worries compared to the feeling you get when you're healthy and happy. I am so grateful to Purium for the support calls every day while on the cleanse and the knowledge the owner shares with you on super foods and our body. I have never heard of a company like this that inspires change in the world for a good cause. No hidden additives or stimulants and no profit schemes. I am living proof of what nutrition can do your body when you allow it to heal itself.

  • Michael Wright - Amazon deleted thousands of reviews that it did not like.

    Thursday: 2,000 reviews, 1.7 stars. Thursday PM, 255 reviews, 2.5 stars. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post - they created an army of 20 reporters and researchers to investigate the life of Donald Trump. So much unethical behavior from the drones trying to prop up Hillary the dying serial felon. Too bad Amazon does not do the same for the politicians and beliefs that I favor as a "deplorable" - those are savaged by Amazon reviewers who did not buy the product.

  • Edubb - Watching my entire bluray collection all over...

    This TV really impressed me! I never had a tv this large (65 inch)and look this good! I don't have a 4k player so I streamed netflix 4k. First viewing was Daredevil and let me tell you...the show looked like live news footage downtown..lol 4k is definitely where it's at! The TV improved the visuals on my blurays and HD videos as well. Hopefully more 4k content becomes available but for now I'm still good. Can't wait to hook up a good surround sound system to it. If you crazy about visuals GET THIS TV!

  • Delaney Boyce - Useless

    The test questions are not related at all to the reading material, which by itself is annoying, but then you realize that the answers provide no explanation, so there is no way to go back and see why you got the questions wrong! There were a few grammatical errors and typos as well that have made me question the validity of the book overall. I will have to purchase other alternatives to study from. I wish I had returned this before my window closed because I feel that this book is absolutely useless. There is not even one mention of ABGS!!!!!

  • Christin - Obsessed with IsoSensuals!!

    I am so in love with IsoSensuals CURVE cream. I have seen a HUGE improvement and I bought this product on July 9th. I went from a 38 1/2 to 40 measurement. I recommend using it after you shower because your pores are opened and the product will absorbs better. If you don't have time to shower twice a day use a blow dryer the warm heat will open up your pores and soak the cream up. Remember to eat protein because protein builds a booty! Do squats too, you'll see faster results. Look for the BOOTY BAM work out online! I bought the pills too which is a must!! I will post another review in 6 months! You can trust IsoSensuals will work for you.....be patient don't expect over night results. Everyone is different...but eating healthy and exercising will definetly show results faster! My husband didn't believe that a cream and pills could make my a booty bigger but boy did I prove him wrong. He's obsessed!

  • Edward - If you really want to save money, don't buy the SodaStream CO2 canisters.

    The overall concept of making your own soda and sparkling water is great, and we love it, but the costs of replacement CO2 carbonators are ridiculous and are constantly going up in price. Save yourself a lot of grief (and money), don't buy the SodaStream carbonator (CO2) canisters.