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  • Whistley21 - 4 stars day one, 1 star day two.

    Loved it for a day until it just stopped connecting. Set up was easy so I'm not sure about all the troubles that everybody else is having. Mine worked great for the first day and now it's just times out every time I try to connected to Wi-Fi. It's a bummer, I really wanted to like it

  • xxxxxxx - 2016 Civic Touring - Fabulous

    Can't beat this car. Get the Touring Sedan. The rest of the lineup is fine, but if you want the best go with the Touring. Turbo engine is quick and smooth, even on highways. Handles like a go kart.

  • Crystal - Lerosett is brillian, effective product

    I used this so many years ago and had forgotten about it until I had a bout of jawline acne that wouldn't go away even with the Epiduo prescription my dermatologist recommend. But the Lerosett has purged much of the deep-seated gunk that kept the those pores infected - or rather like active volcanoes! - in 3 weeks. I spot treat the areas at night as well.. I believe the acne will be totally clear in another 2-3 weeks. I'll use Lerosett as recommended when something flares up.

  • Paul D. - Boo, they have killed this magazine...

    Long Time subscriber, now ex. They fired Jean Jennings, Ezra Dyer (No relation), and the others which made this a unique magazine.