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  • Lola - Using cream for quads and hamstrings.

    I have been using this hot cream for the past couple of weeks now and am not totally impressed with this product. It's a little deceiving to use the word "hot" as this cream is very mild and am not quite confident it tightening the skin for reduction of cellulite, and does not have any medicinal effects for muscle/pain relief. The upside to this product, it does have a mild temp shift when applying...no killer onset of heat. So it is easy to apply, dries quickly, and no intense menthol odor. I would love to have this type of cream with additional post application heat. My aging body requires some intensity, and this doesn't quite deliver.

  • Escondido - Not to be missed!

    What a terrific series! Billy Bob Thornton is excellent as an attorney with a drinking problem and a messed up life, divorced and booted out of the firm he co-founded. He still practices law in a haphazard way when a seemingly simple case concerning an insurance payout comes knocking on his door. Billy (also his character's name) smells a rat and can't help but begin a torturous search for the truth. There's much illegality committed by an evil defense contractor, so Billy's quest isn't easy. The growth of complexity in the plot is most delicious. The acting and the production are both first-rate. Already I'm longing for season 2.

  • THOMAS TITOLO - Very efective at stopping any intruder.

    Best on the market. Have hot had any virus break the Operating System. Gives notice of pending virus at any website ad and text.

  • J. Cassata - great wash and no alcohol or taste altering aftereffects.

    Alcohol free. Does not alter taste as any minty wash will do. Great mouthwash for all. I do not have a dry mouth issue, just loved this ever since my dentist gave me a sampl

  • Colorado Jerry - It is great to keep in the car for emergencies

    What can I say about this cheap socket set? It serves the purpose for which I purchased it. It is a light duty set that can handle most of the jobs for which I wanted it. It is great to keep in the car for emergencies.

  • Full-time investor - Worthless Galvanic Spa

    I used the galvanic spa, as directed, several times a week for 5 weeks, but only on ONE SIDE OF MY FACE. (It is time consuming to use) I could never tell any difference whatsoever in my skin. So at the end of 5 weeks, I asked my 27 year old daughter to look close at my face to see if she could identify which side I used the galvanic on. She picked the WRONG SIDE! She thought the UNTREATED side looked a little better. I am 59 and I really needed some skin help - I finally discovered that totally natural is best. Now all I use is aloe vera gel (a certain brand with oxygen & trace minerals added) and I don't have to ask my daughter if my skin looks better now. I can see how good it looks myself everytime I look in the mirror! Firmer skin, smaller pores, skin tags almost gone, less lines, lighter age spots - and it's only been about 30 days of use! I'll tell you all about it.