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    It works only for Federal return; I had to pay 39 USD to add one state, however, as soon as I click the button of submitting state return, the software crash. It has never worked appropriately.

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    Luvvie is an amazing storyteller and this book more than delivers. If you want to laugh, get this book. If you want to think, this is a book you want to read. Luvvie takes you through relationships, social media and life. She speaks what many of us are thinking. She makes judging funny as she challenges us to do better. It's a great read.

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    My husband actually bought this for himself so here is his rating. "I am extremely happy with this monitor. Using it hooked into my Lenovo L450 laptop using a VGA connection. The display awesome in its clarity and color. They supply you will instructions to set it up. But you don't need it. The monitor is so simply to put together. The swivel foundation is early to move up/down, left and right. A fantastic monitor for only $99.

  • anonymous - Overall, a good product

    I ordered the set of three 6 oz. pump bottles for fine, medium hair. I have short, fine, color-processed hair, and these should last me awhile, as I don't need to use as much as someone with long, thick hair.

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    This multi function lightl is a neat deal. As any multi function light does it has many different functions and this one has many of the same. The light can be a normal flashlight and it has three modes of light you can select. The bottom actual will pull out and you now have a nice bright lantern. The size of the multi function light is also a plus because it will fit easily in your bug out bag, a normal bag and has a ring at the top that you can connect it or hand it. Very easy to carry and use. You charge unit thru a usb and you can even charge other devices if needed which is nice and just gives the unit one more option for multi function. I would recommend this tool and it should be a consideration on your list if that is what you desire. It is of good quality and it will be very useful in my daily routine. The multi functional lights came quickly because it was full filled by Amazon and shipped by them so it didn’t take long like some other items that don’t come directly from Amazon. I would say this should be on your list for consideration if you are in the market for an item such as this.