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  • Alec - I Love Everything About This Case

    I am so pleased that I got this case!! Everything about it is top quality. I'm not even sure where to start with the positives on this case because they are so many. First of all, the look of the case is really nice. Nothing about the case looks or feels cheap. For starters, the magnet enclosure on the back of the case which stores your credit cards is very strong and by no means will ever come loose on accident because the magnets used are quality ones. Speaking of the area that holds your credit cards, even that space is well designed. I noticed a little ramp inside which makes it much easier to retrieve cards from the inside. Without this little ramp they included, removing cards would be difficult. I appreciate all the effort the designers put into making this case the best they could. The leather flap covering the cards feels premium and that's great because its a portion of the phone you'll be holding most of the time. One of the other great parts about this cover is that the card holder flap can be transformed easily into a sturdy stand for your phone. Just another great innovation with this case. The credit card holder holds 3 cards, which means I can carry my drivers license ID, my debit card, and my credit card. Some card holder cases only have room for 2 cards, which is a bummer. This case holds 3 which is perfect for me on a daily basis.

  • Penn Name - Fake! I call shenanigans folks...

    All 5 star reviews? Hmmmmm... yep, you guessed it free product for reviews. Euphemisms like "purchased at a reduced price" and other nonsense like "unbiased review disclaimers" made me second guess this as I looked for a baby bottle fridge. One of the reviews actually offers the price said professional reviewer "paid" for this product. $5 folks. 5 bucks, what a lovely way to sell your neighbor out cheap.


    I got suckered in. I admit it. I'm not usually one to fall for hype, but the infomercials are very convincing, and makeup is my weakness. I was intrigued by the idea of being able to wear very light makeup while still covering my imperfections. I hate heavy makeup, but I have rosacea, large pores, and fine lines (I'm 31), and my skin is sensitive. I'm also very pale, and I have a lot of trouble finding foundation that stays true without turning me yellow or pink. When I found a kit at Ulta, I got excited and bought it. I thought this stuff was the answer to all of my troubles.

  • Amazon Customer - Great core strengthening!!

    Fun Workout For Sure! Twisting is so easy to do on this board and you really feel your core strengthening. I've even started trying push ups and squats.. definitely a fun and effective exercise product!

  • Ivelisse Ruiz - I have always taken really good care of my skin but once I hit 41

    I have always taken really good care of my skin but once I hit 41, I felt like my eyes really started to show my age. I am constantly on the lookout for a good eye cream, and I liked that this one ticked all of the boxes: dark circles - check; puffiness - check; fine lines and wrinkles - check.

  • Yara Avalos - Best diaper rash cream there is.

    I've been using this diaper rash cream everyday since my daughter was born and she has NEVER had a rash. I ran out one time and used something else and that same week she had some redness. I will use this until she is no longer in diapers. It really does reduce redness in 1 day like it says.