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Personal Training in Redwood City with an Orthopedic Approach - Personal training to improve posture, get strong, and get your life back. Our Redwood City location is convenient to Atherton, Menlo Park, and San Carlos.

  • https://uprighthealth.com/personal-training-one-on-one/ Expert Personal Trainers in Redwood City | Upright Health - As personal trainers, we help you figure out how to train safely so you get out of pain, improve your posture, and get your life back.
  • https://uprighthealth.com/skype-sessions/ Training via Skype - Upright Health - Skype sessions give you access to the Upright Health experts from wherever you are in the world. 
  • https://uprighthealth.com/rolfing-structural-integration-orthopedic-massage/ Rolfing and Orthopedic Massage in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Diego - Rolfing® Structural Integration is a massage tailored to help you relieve pain, improve posture, and boost your athletic performance.
  • https://uprighthealth.com/do-it-yourself-training-programs/ Self-Help for back, hip, and shoulder issues - When you can't come in for personal training, these self help programs can help you realign and retrain your hips, back, and shoulders.
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  • JakeDaFish - Repetitive and Boring

    What can I say that hasn't been said before. For the most part I am writing this review because I want Blizzard to see another paying customer dissatisfied with their game.

  • Anthony - MUCH better for groups, not single players

    Maybe the regular Wii is just getting too old. I bought it new at a store, so the disk is fine. The game freezes at times and takes a while to load each song and dance. I only played Just Dance 2 and 3 before; this one is WAY faster and WAY harder to follow. I personally don't like all the online things, and I don't like the community dances (some of them aren't synced with the music very nicely) or that it spams me with messages about DLC, stats, and all that junk from the moment I put in the disk. It isn't as easy to figure out either. I couldn't really find a specific exercise option unless I make my own playlist. Plus, the overall color scheme of all the menus is just DARK...I almost feel like I'm picking music in a nightclub, but maybe that's the point? I'm not sure, but I wish the menu was a little less dark navy.

  • P. Bucy - True Image - The best utiltiy in the toolbox.

    I have been using Acronis True Image since it came to market. It is, without a doubt, the most effective and most indispensible utilty that I have ever used. I can't tell you the number of times that it has bailed me out of a hardware failure and even a couple of catastrophic software disasters. It has never failed to perfectly restore an image to a disk or a series of disk drives. And it is fast! I don't know how they do it, but it can create an image of my C:Drive which has about 80 gigs on it, in less than fifteen minutes. Restoring an image takes a little longer, but not much. If you buy the Plus Pack you even restore an image to drive in a computer that has dissimilar hardware to the computer that the image was taken from. When hardware fails you often find yourself with a new motherboard and other hardware that won't run with the drivers from the old machine. True Image and the Plus Pack can get you up and running again without to install the OS and starting over.

  • SallyJete - Nail miracle!

    First off, I'm not pregnant, but I've always heard prenatal vitamins are great for your hair and nails. I wear those fake, glue on nails and they really mess with my nail beds to the point my real nails started becoming detached from my fingers. Being freaked out, I started taking prenatal vitamins daily. 2-3 weeks later my nails were back to normal! Not only that, they were healthier than before I started wearing fake nails. I'm not sure what's in the prenatal vitamins that helps so much, but it's definitely not an old wives tale. It's true!