Review: - The Bar Las Vegas - Drink, Dine, Play - View - The Bar is a hip gaming environment and a sophisticated menu off the Las Vegas strip. The stylish restaurant and bar, just east of I-15 on St. Rose Parkway, is upscale and comfortable with weekly gaming promo’s, specialty cocktails, a big wine list to go with a five star menu.

Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Top of the class

    The two most elegant pens (under $200) are Waterman, and Monte Blanc... I have owned both, and the Watermen Expert is the most substantial and pleasant writing instrument on the market... If you prefer lightweight writing tools, this pen is not for you... If you appreciate the comfort and heft of a timeless classic, this is the instrument to buy... The rollerball is a nice hybrid between fountain and ballpoint, and is my preference....

  • A. SOBRIAN - Disappointed

    After 4 months of faithful usage of the product my wife has had no tangible results. She continues to use the product with hope.

  • F. Moyer - Good Sci-Fi story (though perhaps not what you would expect)

    The book description identifies the heroine as a linguist. She joins a crew to travel out near Jupiter to explore an abandoned alien spaceship and decipher its secrets. But the story contains neither puzzling language problems nor Rosetta stone-like artifacts - so her linguistic skills are irrelevant to the story line. Still, this sci-fi book is an inventive and exciting "first-contact" story. The book's ending resolves many plot lines (even though the story itself is "to be continued") so the reader is not left with a feeling of incompleteness. I liked this book as it always made me want to know "what's going to happen next".

  • Amazon Customer - Good entry level VR Headset

    I have now used this for almost 2 months and come to the conclusion that this is a very good entry level VR Set.If you are new to VR and want to experience what it feels like, this will suit your purpose.