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  • Sierra - Not 100 words

    I really like this book for my 20 mth old daughter and she does as well. I just wish that it was the bigger version (like it used to be) instead of a small board book which clutters all of the pictures together. Also, there definitely aren't 100 words since there are quite a few words that are repeated like pajamas, flower, car, train, ball and duck. Overall, it does have a lot of pictures that she enjoys looking at and bright colors to talk about and help keep her attention.

  • Ryan Bucshon - Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play ...

    Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play the same people over and over. I don't think anyone plays this on PC.

  • Amazon Customer - BUY JOANNE ❤

    One of her best album, after BTW!. This is a piece of art, is a really personal album and I love it.. Now I think I know who is the real Lady Gaga.

  • KORT - epic

    This game is similar to deer hunter reloaded and there both beast! I would recommend it to anyone that likes hunting

  • Angelo - Professional products at it's best

    This product worked wonders! We have an infestation problem for years and we called professional to bomb and spray the house with and effective of 6-7 months, but they keep coming. It is embarrassing to have friends coming over and roaches crawling around day or night, if you have this problem then this is the product for you. The product works within days, I never seen so many roaches drop to the floor without using some form of spray and yet this product executed without smell and at a fraction of the cost for professional to come and treat your house. The outcome of the treatment of this product is just amazing; I have never seen a product that works well to treat the huge infestation problem we had and the result within just 3 days, this is just mind-numbing.

  • Brittany Wagers - Very satisfied

    This Acne Treatment cream works really well, it also does so without causing distress to your skin. I have been using this for a few weeks ( and so has my pre-teen ) for a few spot blemishes here and there. There is no redness, itching or irritating dryness caused by it. In fact it is quite soothing considering it is treating acne aggressively. I spot treat signs of acne and they are gone within 3 days. I was concerned initially with the packaging, but it seems that since this is the first batch there was errors in translation, that is why this batch is being sold for a cheaper price than they intended it to be. Now that I know that and have seen the full ingredient list I am not concerned and can definitely give it 5 stars. Onto scent - you would think that it would smell powerfully intense but it does not. It has a faint minty/menthol smell, but it is not overpowering. It also has hyaluronic acid, which is used for anti aging, so I really like this. The last few days I have been using this all over my face, but in a small amount along with my regular moisturizer ( I emulsify them both together ) and my face feels incredible and the minty sensation just gives it a great clean and fresh feeling. Disclosure: I received this product free / complimentary for product review and evaluation, but all opinions are my own and I rate my products based on my experience

  • Kindle Customer - Good book

    This story was written quite well. It delves into a sense of madness that happens when life throws you a curve ball. I enjoyed how each chapter was either "before" or "after" letting the reader see what lead to certain actions and the actions as they played out. Now, while I may not identify with Evelyn in some respects, I can see how she fell into the choices she was making. And ultimately, that is the sign of good writing, being able to emphasize with a character and feel for them because they have depth. So, thanks to the author for that!