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  • Rich - Nearly too late for me but richly welcomed and appreciated'

    If I had this information back in the 40's I would most likely remained in Catholisism. I failed to hear the Good News until I was in my mid-seventies with a non-denominational Evangelical Church. If I heard any of this when a child I was too young to understand but I am convinced that at the time in the "earlier" Church that this theology wasn't taught (or it went over my head). Very happy that it now entered my life while still able to comprehend it. I thank God now for being led to Richard Rohr by Wm Paul Young through his website and book,"The Shack".

  • Amanda - My son loves it

    Got this for my son for his first birthday he absolutely loves it he carries it all over the place with them the only issue is that he continuously plays the harry the bunny theme song that's the only one of the buttons he'll push on it LOL but other than that it's fantastic

  • Kathleen Sprague - Boring but needed

    I run out of check registers because I pay most of my bills on line so don't order checks often enuf to get the registers they sent with the checks. One thing I didn't realized when I ordered is they were selling 4 registers in a set. I need 2 so ordered 5 in order to have extras. Ended up with 20! But, Lord willing I'll live long enuf to use them all.

  • Amazon Customer - and I absolutely love it. I have tried nearly every skincare product ...

    This is my summer face wash, and I absolutely love it. I have tried nearly every skincare product out there, and Eminence products are the best, hands down. This little bottle lasts me about 6 months, so while the cost may seem high, I think it all works out. And the smell is amazing!

  • Mark A Ulissi - Deja-vu

    I experienced a sense of deja-vu when reviewing this item for purchase. I've been in need of a set of high-end audio cables for quite some time, and I feel that no other cable would have been quite so worthy of the trust fund set up by my dear departed grandmother. She likely meant it to go toward a charitable cause, but what cause could be more charitable than this? It wasn't long after they arrived that the deja-vu was explained. I received the box from the smiling delivery man. I never questioned the plastic looking smile he wore all the way from the truck, to my front door and back again. I didn't even question when he ran, almost in a panic, back to his truck. I started to question when I looked down and saw the words 'there yours now sucker' scrawled on the outside of the box, but mostly at the grammar mistake than anything else. I realize now that I was a fool.

  • Paul Connors - My new Microsoft Maps is a bummer

    I have an old version which is out of date now but useable. I ordered a newer version. Because the old one is so wonderful I imagined a really super program 12 years later. I could hardly wait!

  • Amazon Customer - Bettet than I thought

    The product was amazing! I actually believe it's better than I thought it would be! I am definitely going to be purchasing more and best of all I get to use my $2 off that was sent in the mail with my free box of hair dye!! Oh and it wasn't even a sample size it was actually the normal size box that is purchased from the store! Clairol natural instincts is the best!