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  • Matthew Ward - Good book to reinforce the theories of Lean

    I'm really 50/50 on the book. I really like how Goldratt explains the importance of Lean and looking at bottlenecks throughout your plant's processes and how to correct them. I hate the melodramatic home life of the main character. Everytime the story goes back to the problems with his personal life I skimmed through them. I understand why the book is set up this way because Goldratt wants to illustrate how there are many factors outside of work which can compound stress and how the reader should really think about their work/life balance but it is not very good. I would hope if I worked at a plant that was shutting down, and if it does, I'm out of a job which means I would not be able to provide for my family, my wife would be a little more understanding than the protaganost's wife is acting in the book. I wish this book's narrative only took place in the plant. I also realize you're not reading this book just for the narrative.

  • L. Trent - HATE LeapPad EXPLORER!!!

    I hate this leapPad Explorer. First of all, it took 2 days and about 20 tries to get the app center downloaded to my computer from the CD that came with the LeapPad. Then, the LeapPad Explorer boasts free apps to download. So, I downloaded them to my computer, which took about 30 attempts before they downloaded and way longer than the 40 minutes the website says it will take. Now that I have the free apps on my computer, and the LeapPad Explorer connected to my computer, the free apps won't sync to the LeapPad Explorer. I have probably spent a total of 12 hours or more trying to get everything downloaded and synced and it still isn't working. I started trying to sync the apps at 8:00 am while my 4 year old waits by and mommy gets crabbier and crabbier because the LeapPad still doesn't have the apps synced onto it. It is now almost noon and the apps still aren't synced. Can I say again, I HATE this LeapPad Explorer! Let me also mention that the LeapPad Explorer burned through 4 brand new AA batteries the first day while I was trying to download stuff onto it. It didn't come with a plug in.....but you can buy one and an extra cost. I did buy my 4 year old one of the $25 dollar cartridges for the LeapPad Explorer. She likes the game, but it is really not very detailed, and lacks much of anything to do at all. There doesn't seem to be a very good selection of things to do on this one game. She gets bored with it after about 30 minutes.