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  • Columbia Industries - Who knew my counters could look so good for so little money (and a bit of effort)?

    After much research and review online, we ordered this product in Java Stone color to refinish existing Formica countertops with wood trim edges. Package arrived as promised, including all materials in good condition. Bottom line: We were skeptical the product could produce the promised results, and we were quite pleasantly surprised at the outcome. A huge improvement over our existing counters, covered and camouflaged many minor flaws, definitely an upgrade worth the cost of the kits.


    The instructions were horrible. I would have never bee able to install the crossbars had my wife not found instructions on Utube.

  • Patricia - Great bra

    I have several of these bras. It's comfortable, fits well, the butterscotch color is a good neutral, and it works with all my clothing necklines. The ones I bought in a store were wrinkle-free, but those I ordered online required vigorous steaming to remove creases in the foam as they are packaged folded in a tiny sealed bag.

  • M. F. Smith - Not bad, but be prepared

    As stated in other reviews, this book is not for beginners, but I found many of the omissions to be helpful in disciplining myself in the basics so I could move on to higher-complexity operations. A quick google search can cover questions of terminology and tool location within the GUI. I've learned a lot and continue to do so as I return to the book.

  • T.H. - This stuff is the best. I've been using it for 13 years and ...

    This stuff is the best. I've been using it for 13 years and I still can't find anything better. Paired with a microfiber towel (I use one specifically designed for glass), it works wonders. I clean the inside and outside with this and it really makes the glass "invisible."

  • Christian Fiction Addiction - Suspenseful and timely

    Top-rated cable news host Erica Sparks has found great success working for GNN, but knows she needs to keep working harder than ever if her show is going to post higher ratings and her position is going to be further secured. With the next presidential election looming, Erica sets out to cover the candidates hoping to secure the next presidential win. But a sudden tragedy soon finds Erica investigating whether candidate Mike Ortiz and his wife Celeste are all they seem to be, or whether there is a layer of darkness hiding from the public's view. Erica's search for the truth soon finds her very life, and those she loves, at risk.

  • alaskan-chatterbox - 2012 (2 disc Special Edition)

    I love this movie. I saw it yeaars ago and am glad to now have it in my DVD collection. Wonderful cast. Special effects make it look so real. To me this is a must to own DVD even if you arne't into disaster movies like I am.